“Forgiveness: What It Is. What It’s Not” By Michael Soward


This book explains and portrays who you’re, what you stand for and what you tend to achieve…


Michael Soward is a music producer, songwriter, and author. Michael shares his story of life transformation, a story and a journey of healing, passion, focus, determination, and purpose that relates and connects to all individuals with his real-life experience. The book “Forgiveness: What It Is. What It’s Not” was his recent publication and is targeted directly to reignite and help people identify their need for wholeness and to walk them through steps to obtain it. The book is about kingdom purpose, learning through life’s obstacles, taking charge of your dream and outlining the blueprint to success through faith and biblical principles.

“Forgiveness: What It Is. What It’s Not” will awaken and walk you through simple principles of how to live a renewed existence; with a focus on honesty, transparency, forgiveness, self-esteem, and personal branding. The book is amazing and it’s meant to bring about awareness and to encourage millions of people to rise and have a feeling of life experience. You may be asking yourself, Why Do I Need It? It’s all about challenging your old paradigms and perspective to show you that there might be a better life that is waiting for you on the other side. “Forgiveness: What It Is. What It’s Not” is a book that will inspire individual to a self-fulfillment on how to live and create a safe place for others to heal from the trials they have endured.

This book is not something you guess correctly without reading. Remember, every human being was born with some talents and natural gifts in some particular area/field, these talents, and natural gifts are buried inside where your passion is.

To live a wonderful life, Tell Yourself: I Am Forgiven | I Am Accepted | I Am Moving Forward | I AM Inspired | I AM Amazing | I AM Creative |I AM Vibrant | I AM Unstoppable | I AM Fearfully & Wonderfully Made | I AM Meant To Be!

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Michael Soward is a music producer, author, and Songwriter. He’s the author of the book “Forgiveness: What It Is. What It’s Not.” Michael believes we’re already equipped with everything necessary for us to succeed in life and that each person has something profound to offer the world, especially as it pertains to life’s reality. He believes that the best way to let the other person inside you grow is to feed them with the mindset of the people who have already succeeded, their attitude, experience, and how they go about making decisions. Michael Soward is on a mission to see lives transformed and restored with God’s grace and power. He encourages individuals to ignore pessimists who suggest or thinks “it can’t be done” and reveals a positive mindset to support you in realizing your dream. Remember, our past life journey does not dictate our destiny, we cannot change the events that have occurred in our past and we may not have had much choice in them but we do have the power to create our future. The book “Forgiveness: What It Is. What It’s Not.” is:

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