Former Sharper Image CEO shares his system for choosing winning investments in new book

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Personal finance book The Sharper Investor: The Winning Formula That Boosts Your Returns by Richard Thalheimer is available.

Richard Thalheimer, former Sharper Image CEO and longtime investing expert shares the investing strategy that has yielded 30-100% annual returns. His new book, “The Sharper Investor: The Winning Formula That Boosts Your Returns” makes options trading accessible and easy for new investors.

For more than 20 years, Thalheimer expertly curated products under The Sharper Image brand while leading a company of 4,000 employees. He’s since found a way to adapt many of the same concepts and strategies used in business to choose the right investments, which Thalheimer explains in detail in The Sharper Investor.

“Whenever I discuss investing with my friends, the same questions seem to come up over and over. I decided to put all of this information together in one place so others can see how investing is done,” said author Richard Thalheimer. “I have been tracking my returns once I realized I had a consistent and reliable investing strategy. For five years, returns from this strategy outperformed the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and the S&P 500. Even well-known hedge fund managers do not typically see these levels of returns.”

The Sharper Investor gives readers the tools they need to build high-return investment portfolios. The book also helps readers adopt a more disciplined mindset for investing so they can confidently deal with fluctuations in the market.

Richard Thalheimer’s “The Sharper Fund” Performance Returns by year:

Thalheimer’s strategy has routinely yielded above-average returns. Here’s what Thalheimer’s returns looked like each year for the last five years:

2021 (as of Oct. 30, 2021): +51% total return
2020: +261%
2019: +96%
2018: -10%
2017: +92%

The Sharper Investor is for anyone who wants to grow their investment portfolio, boost their returns, and take a more disciplined approach to their personal finances.

Richard Thalheimer is a stock guru and the former CEO of The Sharper Image, a public company with annual revenues of $750 million. Thalheimer now runs a successful private fund, The Sharper Fund, and blogs about his stock picks at For more information about Richard Thalheimer please visit The Sharper Investor: The Winning Formula That Boosts Your Returns is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Audible.

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