Free Workshop for Small Business Owners Struggling With Unpredictable Sales: How to End Roller-Coaster Sales Permanently


The free online workshop reveals how small business owners can put in place a reliable and predictable sales, profit and cash flow generator. This can end the frustration of dealing with unpredictable sales.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 percent of small businesses fail within their first year. By the end of their fifth year, about 50 percent fail. After 10 years, about 65 percent fail.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also tracked business survival across industries and they found that these statistics are pretty consistent regardless of industry. 

Why is the failure rate so high for small businesses?

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: 2018-2019 Global Report, the most common reason given for business failure is lack of profitability.

82 percent of businesses fail because of cash flow problems, according to a U.S. Bank study.

Lack of profitability and lack of cash flow are the most common reasons why small businesses fail. These problems are usually due to poor and inconsistent marketing.

Digital marketing is essential for businesses.

More than 4.4 billion people around the world use the Internet, according to Internet World Stats (as of June 30, 2019). Many are using mobile phones to access the Internet.

Potential customers are searching for products and services online.

Businesses that are not using digital marketing effectively are invisible to their prospects. When potential customers can’t find their products and services, they end up buying from their competitors.

Good Works Good Biz is offering a Free Online Workshop: How to End Roller-Coaster Sales Permanently

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Businesses that have a self-funding marketing system working for them can have a reliable process that pays for itself and also brings in a steady stream of sales and profits every day.

Instead of struggling with roller-coaster sales, they can get a reliable and predictable sales, profits and cash flow generator.

This is the key to everlasting business growth.

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