Gadara Initiatives and Al-Hadib that embraces the privileged with Down Syndrome.


In cooperation with the Global Gadara Initiative, Al Hadib Initiative, which is concerned with Down Syndrome, organized a high-goal trip to Aqaba and Wadi Rum that included Down syndrome and their families to discover their skills and enhance their abilities, and the first experience in Aqaba with the Red Sea Diving Center was accompanied by the diver Abdullah Al-Moumni, where Aya Makhmar was able to dive for forty-five minutes underwater five meters deep.

Then the other achievement in Wadi Rum and after the walk through the sands of Wadi Rum charming and safari that moved the team of the fringe between the hills of Rum and enjoy the moments of sunset where slowly calmed down to leave us behind a rocky hill pleases the spectators, we returned to the camp the meeting place to be revealed the achievement Rowan Dweik, who completed the preservation of twenty-nine parts of the Holy Quran recitation court.

In her speech, Rowan Dweik expressed her thanks to her mother, who follows the details of her life and help her memorize the Holy Quran, and to the Al Hidib and Gadara initiative that she embraced to be able to play a greater role in her continuation, stressing that people with Down syndrome can, by their will and determination, be equal and may even outperform them.

On a night full of achievement, the AL Hidib Initiative honored mothers with Down Syndrome who have a great role in integrating their children with others and discovering their talents and developing their abilities to be constructive in society working and participating in building the country, and supporting themselves through actions they can do, and there are many examples of the successes that down syndrome has been able to achieve.

Banda thanked his assistant, the representative of the Al-Hadib Initiative, based on the Global Gadara Initiative, which supports every humanitarian action represented by its founder and president Faraj Al-Omari and all those who participated in supporting this group and engaging in a society.

Al Hadib and Gadara previously launched a quality initiative to train the first down syndrome tour guide in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Montana Travel & Tourism Company to be the first at the local level.

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