Galt & Bro. – Dazzling and Iconic


Galt & Bro. – Dazzling and Iconic

WASHINGTON, USA, November 13, 2020 We are excited to announce that Galt & Bro. has opened for business and ready to provide a touch of provocation.

Galt & Bro. draws on centuries of experience in jewelry and timepieces to provide the best craftsmanship and beauty.

Jewellery will never be the same after you experience the originality, elegance and unbridled creativity that Galt & Bro offer.

Galt & Bro. understands the importance of experience and expertise that artisans have gained through countless hours of creating breath-taking jewelry and timepieces and are working hard to reach new levels of perfection within the industry.

Refinement and finesse are at the heart of everything that that Galt & Bro. create, giving people the ability to express themselves in ways never seen before.
Some of the most iconic pieces that they create are:
• Rings
• Earrings
• Bracelets
• Brooches
• Love & Bridal Collection
• Men’s Accessories
• Bespoke Atelier
• Loose stones

If you are a true lover of individuality and personalized accessories you will not find a place quite like Galt & Bro. They are true innovators to the jewelry wold, and they do it with style, and the expertise that history has taught.
If you want personalized jewelry then you need to try Galt & Bro before anywhere else.

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