Gene Seidman, A Leading Fine Art Dealer, Representing Turkish Artist Ayhan Yavuz


New York, NY – Gene Seidman, a fine art dealer from New York and the founder of Artra Worldwide, who represents such global artists as Patrick Corrado and Robert Farber along with blue-chip masters like Picasso, Basquiat, Warhol and Bacon, recently has taken on a new fine artist: Ayhan Yavuz. Seidman expressed his pleasure at having Mr. Yavuz join his gallery’s roster.

“Mr. Yavuz’s art has a unique way of connecting to global audiences, beyond culture and geography, to find harmony, peace, and joy – on a journey of beauty from the ordinary to the extraordinary,” said Gene Seidman.

Ayhan was born in Turkey, studied in England, and currently lives in the United States.

He has more than just an affinity with fine art. He expresses his life’s journey, including becoming a Buddhist monk, through colors, warmth, and spirituality.

Perception is the foundation to the intricacy of Mr. Yavuz’s work. Each painting is a monument to his love of working with patterns, symmetry, and unity among colors. The spirit of his paintings are constantly bursting with life, both literal and spiritual – to the point where viewers have shared that Mr. Yavuz’s work truly feels alive. Viewers are animated by the energy he infuses into them, by the detail he puts into each stroke. It is this level of detail which has inspired fine art dealers such as Gene Seidman to support his work.

“Ayhan’s art is a combination of Expressionism, Symbolism, Pointillism and Art Nouveau. His artwork is filled with magically alluring faces, intricate patterns, and hidden imagery,” said Gene Seidman.

Mr. Yavuz’s pieces find a way to connect with all who view them and he has expanded his work to include writing. His books Azra’s Labyrinth and In the Cradle of Umbra are both full of imagery and inspiration.

Down to even the fine details within his art which can take many months to complete, he stands out in his industry for constantly aspiring to let his creations speak for themselves.

“I paint what I see in my dreams, which contain breathtaking creatures and beings who want to express their knowledge and energy,” said Mr. Yavuz.

Mr. Yavuz works with fine lines that can first be seen with the naked eye and then upon closer inspection, new details emerge and become apparent.

The world took notice of his art. He has been featured in multiple juried art shows where his work was selected through a competitive process and exhibited throughout the United States.  His artwork has been published in Rêve de Femmes, and the Art & Beyond Magazine – SoulRise Exhibition. Now at a career high point, he has been signed with Gene Seidman, one of the industry’s most respected private art dealers.

“I’ve learned that turning your back on your true passion will cause you nothing but pain, regardless of how successful you are,” said Mr. Yavuz. “I am thrilled to be back in the art world, and honored to be working with Artra Worldwide and Gene Seidman, here’s to the journey ahead.”

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