Geordie Keelan: Artificial Intelligence “Key Constituent” in Turbulent Times


Despite current market conditions, Cropean Trade posted its best ever monthly performance in March for its flagship strategy – with AI and machine learning playing a key role in providing “robust returns ahead of expectations”.

Geordie Keelan, founder of Cropean said: “AI and machine learning are key constituent of this by helping in the research and development of the diversified strategies we deploy and ensuring that our trading strategies can operate with faster changing and wider parameters than with purely human involvement.”

But some industry experts, however, believe that algorithmic strategies have been distorting share prices – hence the reason it took so long for the impact of the coronavirus on global markets to be priced in, even after it started hitting headlines worldwide.

Cropean Trade founded by none other than Mr. Geordie Keelan of the famous Keelan family. Cropean Trade was incorporated in the Seychelles in 2015, with a paid-up capital of 85 million US dollars. A unique firm with a focus on the trading of CFDs through effective leverage on trading technologies and systems, Cropean Trade’s business model allows it to profit from both rising and falling markets, giving it a powerful and sustainable methodology for continued success.

Cropean Trade’s Electronic Computation Network Algorithm (ECNalgo) is a revolutionary artificial intelligence algorithm which improves on the powerful leveraged based CFD 2 way trading model by creating an advanced win-win model for traders and capital providers.

ECN presents a highly rewarding model for all subscribers with full capital growth mechanisms, allowing them to take stable, consistent and daily profits on our winning trades and leveraging their capital for greater returns.

A famous investor once quoted for us to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy when others are fearful. In today’s day and age, we are looking at the onset of what could be the next financial crisis. This crisis is a life changing moment that could create many huge opportunities for us in the markets. With Cropean Trade, you are able to take advantage of these opportunities with our technologies and flexible two-way CFD trading model.

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