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48fps is a studio and new online project that showcases curated link packages and visual interviews of awesome people from diverse spaces.
May 14, 2021 What happens when news in the fields of art, marketing, design and education are combined with helpful tools, link packages, visual interviews and mixtapes? The end result would likely look quite like the breakthrough new website

48fps is a studio, visual archive and notebook run by GER-based Henning Pfeiffer showcasing content in the fields of digital marketing, design and education such as a monthly link packages, mixtapes and visual interviews from eye-opening individuals worthy of being followed.

The person behind 48fps is Henning Pfeiffer, a multi-facetted digital art director, online marketing expert and lecturer living and working in Cologne. Henning is a beautiful mind with a positive attitude. He is a creative thinker who has big dreams and ambitions, seeking to turn visions into reality.

“I am excited about the potential of 48fps,” commented Henning. “I am looking forward to seeing it grow as we deliver valuable content to forward-thinking readers.”

Henning Pfeiffer is working for a CGN-based university. Besides, he lectures at several schools and academies while doing client work in the fields of digital marketing and design. So, he has been working for international clients and delivers interdisciplinary state-of-the-art concepts – seriously and carefully so that customers feel satisfied and happy. His portfolio ranges from digital marketing strategies, web and graphic design to photography, filming, djing and music production.

All signs are pointing towards 48fps being his next project to exceed even the highest expectations.

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