Giant Online Gaming Platform, G310 Announces Start of Operations in Asia


The firm provides online gaming services that include sports prediction, online casino, online poker, online keno, live poker, flash games, and a wide variety of world-class on

Number one online gaming platform, G310 has proudly announced that it has begun operations in Asia. G310 has always been the dominant bookmaker, as well as the licensed betting markets in the Americas, and the US. This announcement means in no time, the firm will become Asian giants as well.

The company is fully licensed and regulated in the US and the G310 operates strictly according to the regulations. Safe environment, privacy and product integrity are the basic guarantees of the online betting experience at G310 has the most advanced security measures out there and constantly checks games. The G310 dealer process always ensures the online betting experience on the Internet is completely safe and fair.

G310 keeps all customer information confidential and will never share or sell information to third parties if it complies with our Privacy Policy. With 24/7 Customer Support, G310’s professionally trained and friendly customer service staff will ensure that all inquiries are handled and resolved quickly, politely and efficiently.

For the successful launch of G310 in Asia, an agreement was reached between MGM Resorts International and Las Vegas Poker Group in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada.

G310 offers a variety of safe and easy payment methods for the convenience of players. (Use popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, USD … to play and pay. They adhere to the policies of “Know your customer (KYC)”, anti-money laundering (AML) and partner with third-party regulatory and financial authorities to ensure standards are followed.

In Vietnam, although not really popular with players, the G310 is sure to be a great playground for sports fans because of the prizes committed up to millions of dollars. Players will particularly enjoy the ‘predict and win’ feature of G310. Here, they can predict the results of soccer matches from only 0.5 USD, and stand a chance of winning prizes up to 2 million dollars.

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