Glory Anatomy: Meet the All-Female Work Network for Women Without Children

Providing a community and networking space for women, Glory Anatomy offers both online and in-person opportunities for a fresh start.


Glory Anatomy, the all-women networking platform, provides women without children the chance to grow their professional selves and identify other like minded professionals. Operating as both an online network for users across the country and a vector for in-person participation through their offered product, FEMCITY, Glory Anatomy can help women build a business and fortify their self confidence.

“At Glory Anatomy, we believe that you are your own best investment. A woman does not need to have a child or follow the status-quo career path to evolve and find success,” says a company representative. “Women need and deserve spaces of their own to take professional risks and become the queens of their own castles. You should never apologize for the choices you’ve made and should not tolerate judgement for whether or not you have children or a job. No matter what your situation or experience level, by partnering with FEMCITY and our networking services, you can become a home entrepreneur.”

By housing an online community of women with similar perspectives, and different experiences and skill sets, Glory Anatomy creates a beautiful ecosystem for women to grow and challenge themselves. By signing up for the newsletter, users will get free tips to gain independence and self-trust. The platform includes solutions for childfree housewives to create their own businesses, and personalized advice.

The website also offers a FEMCITY membership for women who live in areas with local branches. FEMCITY is a networking group that provides an online business, professional and personal development curriculum, and access to experts and mentorship, with both a virtual and in-person community. Currently, there are more than 100 local chapters in the United States and Canada, serving over 200,000 women with connections, referrals, support, and resources. Their mission is to create a network with over one million entrepreneurial women. Glory Anatomy allows members to test drive FEMCITY with a 30-day free trial, guaranteeing amazing learning opportunities from the start. You can learn more about FEMCITY’s services here.

“If you are someone who often feels unempowered and ashamed for your situation as a stay-at-home childless wife, give yourself an opportunity for a fresh start. Get acquainted with a new community that can help you find your light and support you to create your own destiny,” states the Glory Anatomy representative.

If you are interested in learning more about Glory Anatomy, you can visit the website and browse their products here.

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