The Modi Government has put the baton of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in the experienced hands of Member of Parliament Prahlad Singh Patel, who has been re-elected to the Lol Sabha office for the fourth term. Prahlad Singh Patel is bringing an altogether new momentum to the tourism department, by promoting and putting forth a propaganda about the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the Indian Culture. Hence Prahlad Singh Patel is considered to be a very active participant in broadening the spectrum of the reformatory steps taken by the Modi Government.


The Ministry is taking immense pains to substantiate the measure for the tourism heritage in India, under the able leadership of Prahlad Singh Patel whose contribution and persistence is worth mentioning. The focus of the Ministry of Culture is in four lights, Gandhi Heritage Site Mission, National Mission on Libraries, National Mission on Manuscripts and National Mission on Cultural Mapping and Roadmap. To gain some basic ground about the steps taken by the Ministry, here are some schemes that have been widely introduced.


These are some of the glimpses of the magnanimity of the Government towards the Cultural thriving of India.


The Scheme of Financial Assistance for Promotion of Art and Culture is the need of the hour for those projects that were under review or were in a halt for the lack of some required grants and funds. Under this scheme five new sub-schemes have been introduced, all in full fledged work.


The introduction of the Scheme of Financial Assistance for Creation of Cultural Infrastructure, is an aid to the theatrics and installations, providing grants for the development, rehearsals and restoration of the aforementioned. Two sub schemes have also been introduced under this,

• Financial Assistance for Building Grants including Studio Theatres

• Financial Assistance for Tagore Cultural Complexes (TCC)


The three folded Scheme of Scholarship and Fellowship for Promotion of Art and Culture is a bold step taken by the Ministry to promote and venture new budding talents in the field of arts, culture and literature.


The awareness of the youth with the Indian culture for a healthy forbearing of the same in the future is a very important and natural step. To ensure this, the scheme of Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme has been established which funds, aids and also promotes eligible institutions that altogether are responsible for creating a certain temperament and cultural awareness amongst the youths and students.


The scheme for Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Diverse Cultural Traditions of India is a very significant step, to protect the impalpable culture, the diverse religions, and the far flung minority heritage and traditional expressions in India.


Another scheme that aids the cultural implications of India is the Scheme for Promoting International Cultural Relations. Foreign awareness of the Indian culture is a very important step. Under this scheme, financial grants will be provided to those institutions and societies, that spread the humdrum and awareness of the cultural heritage of India outside India by organizing social activities and functions.


The last and the one of the most honorary steps taken is the Certificate of Excellence Scheme for Museum Professionals. It is one of the most important and wonderful schemes that actually acknowledges the hard work and achievement of the museum and the heritage site professionals and workers to inspire them to strive for excellence in their work.


The enumeration of these schemes has no political agenda, but it is to bring to light the various measure taken to aid the flourishing Ministry of Tourism and Culture in India. It also brings forth the requirements to put out these schemes in the public for bringing about a certain awareness amongst them. Kudos to the Modi Government to bring about such enormous steps in the upliftment of the tourism industry in India.