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Cartier Ring

French jewelry maker, Cartier, prides themselves in being a leader in luxury and their rings are a symbol of that status. From diamonds to precious gems, Cartier Rings are an understated sign of sophistication that never goes out of style.

Top timeless pieces include the:

  • LOVE collection

The pieces of the Cartier Love collection are not only the perfect engagement rings, but also convince due to their elegant design and the precious material. 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold or high-quality platinum protects the rings from damages – to spread joy for a lifetime!

Set with little diamonds and engraved with the word “love”, the rings of the collection are a perfect fit for the most wonderful day in life: The jewelry piece, created in the 1970’s in New York, seals the love that is freed from all conventions. The graphic screws, the perfect oval and the elegance turn it into a timeless symbol for eternal affection. How romantic!

  • Trinity

Trinity rings: Cartier’s house has successfully gained a reputation in the jewelry world thanks to legendary engagement rings and much more! The French luxury brand is distinguished by unique collections, such as the legendary Panthère ring and the Agrafe ring, which you can still wear even if you have not yet met your soul mate.

  • Juste un Clou

Cartier’s Juste un Clou ring stands for being rebellious and innovative.

Designed in the seventies in the creative madness of New York, Cartier rings from the Juste un Clou Cartier collection are a work that goes beyond the convention. This uninterrupted transformation of extraordinary strength, this ring gives an outline of style that is both modern and bold.

A Cartier ring is a beautiful investment for generations to come.

Cartier rings are precious gems, usually chosen for important life events or for engagement. Exceeding fashion and completely timeless, rings can be lowered or decorated with sophisticated details that exude style. Often considered a feminine addition, men usually prefer signet rings.

Diamond Cartier Rings

Cartier designers use different variants to accentuate luxurious stones: many Cartier diamond rings are embedded with lots of small diamonds that shine breathtakingly. The other elements are decorated with one diamond in the middle of the ring, thanks to which the stone attracts attention. In diamond Cartier rings, colored gemstones are additionally used.

The glamor factor of the French jewelry manufacturer’s diamond rings is enormous: different varieties offer the opportunity to find the perfect ring for every occasion.

Cartier has always been known for a wide spectrum of exclusive diamond rings. The famous jeweler conjures up unique works of precious materials: both women and men will surely find their favorite Cartier diamond rings!

The most desirable used Cartier Rings models you’ll find in the Gray and Sons collection.

Engagement Cartier Rings

Women love rings – especially if they are from Cartier! The finger decoration of France’s best known jewelry manufacturer has always enchanted the ladies all over the world.

Not only the elegance and originality, but also its high recognition value distinguishes the brand from others.

Diamond Cartier ring is the promise of a commitment by giving the finest engagement ring. Discover our best collection for every engagement occasion.

There are countless personal reasons that can lead us to choose Cartier ring engagement. The Gray & Sons Jewelers allows you to buy unique used Cartier rings at more affordable prices.

Cartier jewelry offers all women the chance to reveal their femininity and possess an object of exceptional luxury so that they can preserve them forever and value them throughout their lives.

Cartier Wedding Rings

Cartier wedding rings are by far the most important jewelry you will have in your life. This not only represents the love and commitment of both people, but the design you choose also says a lot about your personality. Do you prefer a classic style? The Platinum Cartier wedding rings are probably the best choice. You can also try a two-colored metal ring, engraved ring or pattern with a braided motif.

Of course, if you are more fashion conscious, let yourself go crazy and add one or more diamonds to your wedding ring.

But remember: it will be something that you will wear forever. Refer to your style and spirit to look timeless, not fashionable. Choose your perfect Cartier wedding ring.

Used Cartier Rings

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Our experts will help you choose the perfect used Cartier ring for yourself or your loved one.

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