Greyhound Racing How To Make It Pay


A great alternative to horse racing is greyhound racing and it’s much faster.

In Great Britain and Ireland, there can be as many as 400 races each day with the busiest day being a Saturday. Races are usually about 15 minutes apart at each track but, there can be a greyhound race, somewhere every few seconds.


Most dog races in the UK and Ireland are run on an artificial surface and will have 6 runners in each race. Sometimes though, a race may only have 5 runners and in some cases only 4. Another situation to watch out for is when the race has a reserve runner, I usually avoid betting on these races.

Because there are only 6 dogs in a greyhound race you would think it would be easier to find a winner. But this is not the case at all, often we have winners of a race that nobody could have predicted. There are also many long-shot winners, that is greyhounds with very large odds, sometimes in excess of 8/1.


There are many places that you can get greyhound tips from every day but, the winning strike rate is not that good. Some tipsters have been around for years, including all the online papers, yet still the strike rate is not that high. We also have people who try to predict the top two finishing dogs, a reverse forecast. It’s hard enough trying to find the winner let alone trying to choose the top two finishers.


So, what is the alternative? Have you ever thought about trying to find the loser of the race instead? The term we use here is a lay bet or laying the dog it is selecting a dog that you think will lose the race. We have trap or box numbers in greyhound racing ranging from trap 1 to trap 6.


Basically, we select one dog or trap number from each race, as long as any of the other five dogs win the race, we win. The best place to make a lay bet is Betfair but we also need some decent odds to make our lay bet.

Brighton and Hove Greyhound Track – 17th May 2013

It should also be noted though, if we lay a dog at 5/1 odds and the dog goes onto win the race, we could lose five times our bet plus our stake. You should always have a win profit in mind of how much you want to win each day. As soon as this amount is won then stop and re-start the next day.

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