Happy Sunday Book brings thoughts of Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace


What the world needs now is love, hope, peace, and inspiration, and Pastor Stacey Sartin is committed to doing his part.

After working in the health insurance field for over 23 years, Sartin announced his retirement and the release of his new book “Happy Sunday” as a celebratory birthday event on October 21, 2020.

It’s easy to get caught up in everything from politics, pandemic, and civil unrest, but Sartin points out that God has something more, and he is dedicated to getting that message out to the masses.

Everybody isn’t on social media, so I’ve written a book of daily inspirational quotes to uplift those missing the hope and peace we share each day,” Sartin says.

Happy Sunday’s inspirational quotes realign the reader’s attention from what seems doom and gloom in the world today to hope and peace. The chapters are filled with analogies of God’s love and lessons of faith.

The book is available for purchase www.pastorstaceysartin.com.

About Stacey Sartin

Stacey Sartin is a fifth-generation preacher of the Good News of Jesus Christ. He and wife Kaneisha are Pastor and First Lady of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Happy Sunday is the second book in the Arrows of Deliverance series, a fascinating read of spiritual truths through the lenses of science, nature, and common sense. The first book, Arrows of Deliverance, was published in 2014. Since its publication, Pastor Stacey has taught, mentored, and preached these truths through the community, in addition to posting over 10,000 inspirational messages of hope, faith, and perseverance on social media. All of this, including the publication of the book you’re now holding, is spirited by the hope that all will clearly see that in Christ Jesus, every day is “SON” Day!

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