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Haywire Marketing, a leading premier marketing agency has gained a reputation for helping brands stand out. They use their skills to catapult a brands reputation online and transform their sales through a successful marketing campaign.

With 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, and with more than half of those people using the internet to make a purchase, marketing products and services has become more important than ever before.

Not promoting a brand online not only slows down the success of a brand being recognised, but it also affects revenue, and if revenue is affected, then that has a knock-on effect. That includes the success of the business and brand, the longevity of the brand as well as the security of the jobs who work for the business.

Haywire Marketing understand how to make a brand more successful online, and as such they have become one of the most recommended digital advertising experts. So, we decided to learn more about Haywire Marketing, this is what they had to say



First of all, please introduce yourself

My name is Dennis Lagares, I’m 30 years old, born and raised in New York. I started Haywire Marketing in 2017 by accident. At that time, I was transitioning from working at an online supplement store to selling solar for homes. My role at the supplement company was social media marketing when Instagram first came out in 2013. Once I left working for the company in house, I proposed managing the account remotely and Haywire was born.


Can you explain what makes Haywire Marketing stand out from other marketing companies?

I can’t really speak for other marketing companies since there are many great agencies out there. However, it’s important for us as an agency to continuously expand our knowledge in this field & stay up with the latest trends. Besides that, we’re human and understand everything is built off building relationships. That is our foundation.


You say that you deploy high-ROI marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram, what do you mean by that?

As you may know as a consumer yourself, everyone is fighting for your attention. You have your phone buzzing from text messages, your ring camera giving you notifications that your package arrived, and memes that want you to double tap & share. With all that being said it’s easy to get distracted when you’re online shopping or come across an ad that catches your eye. Using Google & other social media platforms you now have the ability to create an omnipresence with people that interacted with 1 piece of content.


Your customer’s journey can be 10 minutes or 30 days. By understanding the lifetime value of your customers and average order value, combining social media platforms is a no-brainer.


What would you say is the background to a good marketing campaign?

There is no one way to answer this question. As an agency what makes a good marketing campaign is having everyone on the same page. Setting expectations with the client and having a proper sequence to nurture the targeted audience.


One of the biggest problems some brands have with marketing companies is they market their product to a wider audience instead of a direct audience. What I mean is, they are marketing to everyone and not focusing on the target group that is the brands market. By not focusing on the target market, it wastes the clients time and money, so what measures do you put in place to target the correct market?

That’s a great question, when it comes to targeting an audience it’s important to carry the brand’s voice. The voice is extremely important because that voice is what resonates with their targeted audience. If they’re discussing the prestige and the affinity their product offers, it’s only going to get the attention of someone who carries those core values.


A lot of brands are ignoring the power of the Internet, why do you think that is?

There could be several factors. They think it’s a fad that will die out eventually or are afraid of investing so much time and money in an intangible space. At the end of the day people don’t know what they don’t know. If brands were well educated on these platforms, they would realize they should have started YEARS ago.


So, why should people come to you to market their brands instead of going to the competition?

For our core values, we go the extra mile and we’re extremely truthful. When it comes to advertising online there is some uncertainty to an extent. It’s important to recognize that, to either overcome it or pivot to save the campaign. Brushing it under the table expecting the client not to realize is a recipe for disaster.


A lot of marketing companies stretch themselves thin by working with as many clients as possible at the same time. This results in the client not having a marketing team that is dedicated to their campaign. How can a client know that you will be dedicated to their campaign?

This is so true! Client results are HUGE because we know we’re being judged from the results we produce for them within those 30 days. This is why we have a 10-client limit.


More people are now shopping through their mobile devices, what happens if a client comes to you with only a website and not an App or mobile friendly site, can you help them?

We know our strengths and weaknesses and web developing isn’t something we truly enjoy. For websites or app development we have partnerships with developers that can support them with that.


How would you describe a successful marketing campaign?

A successful campaign is when we’re ROI positive whether it’s the day of purchase from a customer or the overall lifetime. At the end of the day brands are hiring us to increase their revenue. As for a strategy, it varies. Sometimes we’re nurturing an audience for 3 months to then sell on the 4th month. Other times we’re hitting the audience with a direct response ad and following up with them throughout the month. 

To learn more, please visit HaywireMarketing.net. Case studies documenting the success of Haywire Marketing’s services with real companies and brands are available.


About Haywire Marketing

Haywire Marketing is a digital marketing company based in Long Island, New York. Founded in 2013, Haywire Marketing has earned a reputation as a premier marketing agency for its specialized social media marketing services, including targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, for leading e-commerce and luxury brands. To learn more, please visit HaywireMarketing.net.


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