Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care Ranks In Top 1% Of Practices


The company ranks 205th in the nation among the Alergan Partner Privileges Program.

Redlands Ca – February 21, 2020 – Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is both proud and excited to announced that for the 3rd year straight they have ranked respectably in the Alergan Partner Privileges Program. Alergan are producers of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella And Coolsculpting technology. Being ranked 205th out of 42,000 other applicants is prestigious indeed, putting the company in the top 1% of weight loss and skin care practices. This in turn allows Health First to offer its patients discounts on all of their services. Moreover these types of discounts are outside the realm of possibility for practices that don’t rank as highly.

“My staff and I take great pride in this recognition and it shows that providing a great service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction can take your practice to great places. Moreover this distinction allows our practice to provide an even more affordable service to both existing and prospective patients as well. Whether someone visits us for Botox treatments or for help with weight loss they’ll find great deals that they won’t find anywhere else.” says Health First owner William Shuller.

Services at Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care range from the removal of facial lines to help with stubborn body fat. Health First takes a very personable approach in its services with its staff working closely with its patients. Whereas other practices may treat a patient and send them on their way, Health First creates diet plans for its weight loss patients, follows up with those whom receive Botox, and invites all those under its care to visit anytime they have questions or concerns. This approach to skin care and weight loss have elevated the practice and made it one of the most sought after in all of Southern California.

Mr. Shuller added, “Persons desiring skin care and weight loss services want a service that’s warm and supportive. From the day we opened our doors, Health First has sought to provide a comfortable and encouraging environment for its patients. Not only does this type of positivity give people peace of mind but it makes patients feel important and helps them reach their goals. Every patient of ours is important and we want them to recognize this the moment they meet with us.

About Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care

First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care operates two offices in Southern California. One in Redlands and the other in Hesperia. Both practices offers a multitude of services that treat skin and help individuals reach their weight loss goals. These services include Botox, Juvederm, Laser Hair Removal, Cool Sculpting, and many others. Patients of Health First can expect an attentive and expert staff of professionals that are supportive during and after treatment. Moreover, Health First’s services are among the best in the industry and are now more affordable than ever.