Hei$enberg Applauds the Independent Women with his hit single Bad Chick


Fast rising American Hip hop artist Hei$enberg is currently garnering waves with his hit track Bad Chick, which is now seen by many as the endorsement of the power of the independent woman.

This Texas artist has his own sound. His music is highly unique and appears to be a fusion of old-school rappers mixed in with the new. For an artist with very little in his catalog, he has already proven that he has various styles. His song “Text Me” can be considered a crossover record. It is very catchy with a popish vibe.

Bad Chick sheds light on the independent women and has accumulated over 380,000 streams on Spotify. This is definitely a club banger that every DJ needs to have in rotation.

Hei$enberg’s blossoming brand has now reached a new height as Bad chick is highly famous among people of all ages.

“It describes his feeling that needs a patient ear. It is a record that likewise controls the vulnerability sneaking behind each significant choice,” Redex Magazine wrote in an article on the song.

Bad Chick has also gone beyond music into retail. A website that sells female merchandise with the Bad Chick brand was created after the hit single.


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