Hempacco Announces New Private Label Hemp Cigarette Service


The new private label hemp cigarette manufacturing service is now open to Hemp, CBD companies, distributors and retailers.


February 10, 2020, San Diego, CA – Hempacco, Co, Inc., a CBD and Hemp Cigarette company, announced today their new full service hemp cigarette private label service. This new service will be provided to distributors, wholesalers, entrepreneurs as well as large retailers wanting to expand their product portfolio. The hemp cigarette manufacturing will be done in San Diego, CA and it can handle refrigerated warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping to one or multiple locations.

The CBD and Hemp industry is exploding in the USA, together with the cannabis industry. Different than cannabis, Hemp Cigarettes can be sold in convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, smoke shops and other retailers around the country. Where regular cigarettes only offer retailers and distributors very small margins ranging from 4% to 10%, CBD, enriched Hemp Cigarettes can leave 50% gross margin to the retailer. Now every major retailer and wholesaler can own their own brand of Hemp Cigarettes.

Hempacco offers a vertically integrated full-service white label hemp cigarette solution for clients. This is not only production but taking their idea and converting it into the end product. This includes everything from brand management to artwork, creating the boxes, printing, sourcing the raw materials like tipping paper and filters. The company also offers all inclusive project management for the entire experience. With this new service, Hempacco is now the largest producer of hemp cigarettes in the nation. The company can even buy and process hemp for clients, with any percentage of CBD they require.

“We already own the largest CBD & Hemp Cigarette Private Label production in Mexico, our goal is to be the largest in the USA as well,” said Sandro Piancone, CEO of Hempacco, “we’re seeing an overwhelming demand for private label hemp cigarettes in the USA, with the number of companies calling us to produce growing by the week.”

Hempacco is the first company in the entire country offering integrated Hemp Cigarette manufacturing services. The company pivoted from being a cigarette manufacturer to a dedicated Hemp producer. Customers benefit from the team’s experience in FMCG, where they’ve developed over 1,000 products. In addition, they are well versed in wholesale distribution and retailing. Hempacco also offers refrigerated warehousing for hemp and finished hemp smokables, as well as picking and shipping to distributors, retailers and even consumers.

Hempacco has special shipping arrangements with trucking and delivery companies that can deliver hemp cigarettes across state lines. This way the product can reach wholesalers and retailers from San Diego to New York.

Companies interested in launching their own private label hemp cigarettes can visit Hempacco in their 53,000 foot warehouse and manufacturing plant in San Diego, CA, where Sandro, the CEO, will take them on a tour of the factory and explore the right product, quantity, CBD, Hemp, and strategy for them. On the visit to the plant, customers will also meet the production managers, compliance officers, CMO, and the entire team.



About Hempacco, Inc.


Hempacco is a vertically integrated Hemp cigarette manufacturing company in San Diego, California. It owns The Real Stuff™ Hemp Smokable brand, offers hemp cigarettes as a private label supplier and owns its own CBD and Hemp vending machines to roll out product around the country.


Besides owning and manufacturing its own name brand, Hempacco also provides private label services for smokable products, and CBD automated retail concepts with vending machines. Hempacco’s mission is to be the most recognized name brand of Hemp Smokable products in the world.


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