Here is how Contiki will help people save on last minute travel booking deals


Off to holidays and hopping on a trip? Weekend or holiday rush can ruin your plans. To avoid that, you may have to book at the last minute . Many trip and tour sites offer deals on last minute booking. Up to 25% off on last minute booking is just a start. Keep reading for offers that will help you travel even if you decided to go on a trip at the last minute. Now plan your trip and enjoy the discount with Contiki promo code

Better than traveling alone

As you can well imagine, a group of friends is all you need to have a good time when you are traveling. You can make new friends and have a good time during your trip. There are online booking sites that offer exceptional experiences on a trip. One of such site is Contiki.

Travel plans for specific age group

Contiki is a travel company that offers trips in form of groups for 18 to 35 years old. So when you make a plan and book a trip with Contiki, you will be put together with a group of similarly aged friends in an age group of 18 to 35 years old (on average 26 years). That way you can enjoy a trip and make new memories that you can never get anywhere else. It gives you a real experience with a new group of friends that will inspire, excite, challenge, and connect you with the world and stay with you for life, just like their motto, “Travel with No Regrets”.

Combo deals and promotions with Contiki coupon codes

Promotions and deals go hand in hand with travels at Contiki. You may find coupons and offers on coupon sites like through which you can save cash on booking a trip. You can use multiple Contiki coupon code by combining them with other deals and codes for bumper offers. Contiki offers promotions, last minute deals, ongoing deals, and special deals that can be mixed to get best deals. You can even get a free trip for one of your friends this way.

What are you waiting for? Plan a trip using Contiki. You can select from different plans, like European Discovery at €191 off, or Thai Island, hopper east getaway at €153 off, or a wild western hike at €196 off. Book your spot now only in €100, with no change fees and options for flexible payments. You can use  any of these offers right now, later on or gift it to a mate with secure payments using your card or PayPal.

Take care of your health:

Enjoying your trip is all dandy and good but you need to focus on your physical fitness as well. Just in case you need to trim down on some fat, you can always use Smai products. They will help you get in the best of the shape, which, in turn, will help you enjoy your trip to the max. Buy SMAI products with SMAI promo code for better discounts.

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