History of Cell Phones


Did you know that Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer, invented the first cell phone in 1973? The need for a cell phone was very high as it solved many shortcomings of the telephone. The main target market of Martin’s invention was the corporate sector and major business people. With time, the demand for cell phones by individuals became a luxury and then a necessity. The first cell phone went under several improvements, and other versions followed. Because of this trend, there was a need to dispose of used phones once the owner acquired a new one. Many years after, people started buying second-hand phones which created the current multi-million dollar 2nd-owner cell phone market.


However, the world had to wait until 1994 to experience the first smartphone, which was manufactured by IBM. The growth of phone manufacturing companies led computer manufacturing firms like Microsoft and apple to manufacture smartphones. Apple is the most popular smartphone manufacturer with its reputable brands of iPhone and MacBook. With the consistent launch of newer versions of iPhones, you can buy used iPhones from SellMyCell. Alternatively, you can buy a used MacBook from the same site.


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