History of Technology


Technology describes the advancement that is driven by human beings. In the modern world, technology is a term that is often associated with machinery or equipment that enables individuals to perform multiple functions easily. However, in the past, technology was associated with a broad range of meanings and even some which have no association with smart devices or machinery.

The word technology is derived from the Greek word “techne,” which means “art, craft,” while the “logos” is a representation of “word, speech.” Thus, the term was initially utilized to describe applied arts. Hence, the wheel was the most significant technology invented. The “technology” term would be given additional meaning in the 20th century, and instead of just applied arts, it would describe processes and ideas. This definition also included tools and machinery.

The broad definitions associated with the technology would make it difficult to differentiate between applied sciences and technological activity. Technology has been able to retain much of the meaning imposed on it in the 20th century even though it is closely associated with machinery and devices. Change and advancement have become a vital aspect of defining technology, but the term is still broad and not restricted to any field, such as the ever-improving marketing of cell phones and computers.