Holland-Based Dutch Dynamite Drink Company Launches “Gap Cap” Which Shows the Distance Between 2 People Wearing Cap


Dutch Dynamite is a popular salty licorice alcoholic drink in the Netherlands. The companys founder saw a need to help people know how far apart they are during the coronavirus crisis. Her Gap Cap” now solves this problem.

The coronavirus has hit many communities and small businesses very hard. Amsterdam-based salt licorice alcoholic drink company Dutch Dynamite can certainly related, with sales dropping dramatically as the cafes that count as 75% of its customers for the last 22 years have been forced to close their doors. Fortunately, the company isn’t letting this crisis stop their creativity.


In exciting news, Dutch Dynamite recently announced the launch of its exciting “Gap Cap”.  A 75 cm Cap, which makes it clear how much distance to keep when 2 people wear it. The “Gap Cap” was invented by Dutch Dynamite founder Nicolette, with cap design by Daniel Öberg from Sweden , Artwork by Cindy Kouwenoord.


I saw a need for something thats both functional and fun to show the gap between each other so they can properly socially distance,” as per the spokesperson from Dutch Dynamite.

Our inspiration is simply to keep our grandparents and others in our communities healthy, in this trying time.” Besides that we hope it will bring a smile on people faces  and sales up 🙂 “


The first 2500 people who buy a bottle of Dutch Dynamite in The Netherlands, get a Gap Cap for free. In the UK the Gap Cap will be available for a small price. The company hopes the Gap Cap being used in the UK will spike interest in the Dutch Dynamite drink, which is currently only on the Dutch  market. Dutch Dynamite hopes to see interest in the unique drink to spread to the rest of Europe and beyond.


For more information be sure to visit www.thegapcap.com. For high res images please send an email to nicolettemak@mac.com +31634965183