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Holy Ramen is back on the scene with her debut studio album: oblivion.


Holy Ramen announces the release of her debut studio album: “oblivion”. This release begins with a spoken word segment, as the artist explores some of her deep feelings and personal thoughts to the tune of a somber piano melody.

This is a very introspective track, bridging the gaps between poetry and music. Soon after the intro, the track takes on a completely different feel. The album actually features 10 songs, including the amazing “euphoria,” which happens to be one of my personal favorites here. The background instrumental is lush and melodic, and Holy Ramen’s flow makes me think of old-school hip-hop. On songs such as “vanity,” Holy Ramen explores some introspective lyrics, and she truly has a really interesting voice, which suits her delivery to perfection. Another highlight on the album is definitely the title track, which does an amazing job at closing the album with a bang, as they say!

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend this album if you like hip-hop music and poetry, which blur the lines and offer something different than the usual cliches. At times, this album sounds warm and familiar, and in other tracks, it’s all about innovation, as Holy Ramen brings a bit more melody to her flow, while she is perfectly locked in with the beat at every bar.

Find out more about Holy Ramen, and do not miss out on “oblivion,” which is available on all major streaming platforms starting August 8, 2020: https://smarturl.it/holyramen_oblivion

Media Contact
Company Name: Oblivion
Contact Person: Kitty Zhang

Country: Canada
Website: https://smarturl.it/holyramen_oblivion

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