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HostRooster Unveils a Diverse Family of Brands, Setting New Standards in the Freelance Marketplace

London, England – 30 May, 2023 – HostRooster Ltd, a registered company in England and Wales, proudly announces the consolidation of a remarkable collective of brands under its umbrella. This strategic move reinforces HostRooster’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and empowering freelancers. From consulting services to fashion-forward streetwear and a transformative partnership with a faith-based clothing company, HostRooster sets a new precedent for inclusivity and growth within the freelance industry., the flagship platform, and trademark holder, lies at the heart of this vibrant family of brands. It provides a comprehensive freelance services marketplace that connects talented freelancers with clients seeking their expertise.’s user-friendly interface and emphasis on fair compensation have earned it a prominent position in the industry.


DomainRooster, a subsidiary of HostRooster Ltd, brings specialized consulting services to the table. Leveraging their expertise in domains and related aspects, DomainRooster offers strategic guidance to businesses and individuals, helping them navigate the digital landscape with confidence and success.

Societal, a politically inspired streetwear brand, has forged a unique partnership with HostRooster. By merging fashion with activism, Societal creates clothing that sparks meaningful conversations around social and political issues. Operating through the HostRooster website, Societal amplifies its impact and reaches a wider audience.

Siliconvicts, a dynamic startup known for its Tech Slogan T-Shirts, is another proud member of the HostRooster family. These innovative and thought-provoking shirts have garnered attention from the tech community and were even featured by TechCrunch in 2015. Through the website, Siliconvicts continues to captivate tech enthusiasts worldwide with its cutting-edge designs.

In an exciting transition, HostRooster has also joined forces with Godinterest, a transformative partnership that marks the brand’s entry into the realm of Christian lifestyle clothing. Guided by HostRooster Ltd, Godinterest is undergoing a profound transformation, reshaping its identity to align with its newfound purpose. Together, they aim to create faith-inspired fashion that resonates with individuals seeking meaningful expressions of their beliefs.


“HostRooster’s vision has always been to create a dynamic platform that supports freelancers and fosters innovation,” said Yvonne, Partnership Director of HostRooster. “By uniting these diverse brands, we can offer a more comprehensive and engaging experience to our users. Each brand brings its own unique value and contributes to our mission of empowering freelancers and embracing creativity.”

HostRooster’s unwavering commitment to its freelancers and clients has driven its success. By fostering an environment of collaboration, support, and growth, the brand continues to set new standards in the freelance marketplace.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Yvonne Jones – Partnership Director, HostRooster Ltd, +44 20 7193 9766,

About HostRooster:

HostRooster Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales, dedicated to providing a dynamic freelance services marketplace. With a commitment to supporting freelancers, HostRooster offers a platform that connects them with clients seeking their skills and expertise. By cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of brands, HostRooster sets a new standard for inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration in the freelance industry.

Media Contact
Company Name: HostRooster
Contact Person: Dean Jones

Phone: +44 20 7193 9766
Country: United States


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