Announces Preferred Partnership with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line for 2019


A cruise in the Bahamas is a dream vacation for many people.  The new 2019 partnership between & the award-winning Paradise Cruise Line makes the idea simpler, less expensive, and more exciting than ever.

A quick and easy getaway has a huge appeal to couples or singles who just need to unwind and decompress.  Leading the list in places to achieve these kinds of goals is certainly the Bahamas, offering a quick getaway from Florida ports straight to paradise.  In exciting news the very well-respected recently announced a new 2019 partnership with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, which delivers all kinds of exciting and discount cruise options to vacationers, desiring to experience the best in fun and sun.

“ is proud to announce adding a new cruise line partnership for 2019,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “We have many customers requesting discount Bahamas cruise options and affordable Florida cruises so this is an exciting time for us.”

According to, negotiations had lasted for about 6 months and the end result is amazing offers launching just in time for Spring Break 2019.  One of the offers, sure to attract those interested in a cheap cruise, will feature a $250 Cash Back Rebate valid till 2020 allowing cruise shoppers to book their Bahamas cruise anytime between now and then and still take full advantage of the cash back offer. 

Bahamas Cruise Line has won just about every major award there is to win when it comes to Bahamas cruises.  Just some of the highlights include from the industry-leading Cruisers Choice Awards include 2016 & 2017 Best for Entertainment, 2016 Best Overall, 2016 Best for Dining, 2016 Best for Fitness & Recreation, 2016 Best for Shore Excursions, and 2016 Best for Value.  All of these, and more reflect on the demand for excellence Bahamas Cruise Line holds themselves to, always putting the guest first and making sure their cruise is a memorable one.

Two-day, four-day, and other Bahamas cruise options are all available through the new and Bahamas Cruise Line partnership.  The Ship sails from Port of Palm Beach Florida to Grand Bahamas Island. provides free membership which opens the door to significant discounts both with Bahamas Cruise Line booking and cruises, flights, and hotels worldwide.

Feedback for Bahamas Cruise Line is very positive and enthusiastic.

Jesvlyn, recently said in an excerpt from a five-star review, “As a Cancer patient recovering from a life saving major surgery, my doctor advised me I could not fly or take long road trips. I saw a commercial for this cruise line and knew that I could handle a two-night cruise. So I first booked a cruise on the Grand Classica for my birthday in July. It was perfect. No long lines, no dealing with crowds, everything from embarkation to disembarkation went smoothly. The rooms were spacious, the restaurants and food were outstanding, great entertainment. Do not be fooled by the price. The quality of the service you receive is unbelievable…  I not only highly recommend this cruise line, I look forward to cruising with them again soon.”

For more information be sure to visit  and their social media accounts for the latest updates.

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