How Armacoin Ltd Can Transform The Advertising Industry Through Blockchain?


The pivotal bridge that connects producers with consumers, the advertising industry is a multibillion- dollar industry globally. Catalyzing the economy, advertising companies create and nurture brands. Advertising has the potential to turn leads into customers and customers into brand aficionados. The industry stimulates purchase, sales, and the economy as a whole. No wonder, Juniper Research forecasts that $520 billion will be spent on digital advertising by 2023.

The industry has been reaping the benefits of digitization in the past few decades. While moving online has significantly proven to be cost-efficient, it comes with its own set of drawbacks.


Major Challenges Faced By Advertisers Privacy Concerns

It is no secret that tech giants including target users with marketing campaigns keeping a close watch on their every move. Many advertising companies fail to recognize the fine line between advertising and spamming, especially with the advent of the internet and social media.

Armacoin – A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Advertising Sector


To overcome the challenges faced by the global advertising and marketing sector, Armacoin has developed a comprehensive solution enabled by blockchain technology. The decentralized advertising and marketing platform devised by Armacoin will ensure transparency, rules out traffic by bots, and process cryptographically encrypted agreements.


Data Security & User-controlled Privacy


Blockchain technology distributes data rather than copy it. Since the secure chain of digital records is kept on multiple computers simultaneously, no record can be erased or falsified. This essentially means that the version received at the end of the chain is the same that we began with.

On the ArmaChain platform, advertisers should seek consent from the audience before hurling advertisements at them. Advertisers are charged a small fee by the audience for the time and interest they invest in.

The decentralized system enabled by Armacoin ensures that the audience has control over their choices. Rather, they can expend their time for products they actively show interest in. This process will turn out to be effective and profit-yielding in the long term.



Blockchain technology empowers people and businesses through transparency. The salient feature that attracts industries across the world to implement blockchain technology in their business practices is the trustless platform it guarantees. Trust is replaced with transparency, whether in relationships, business processes, transactions, or data. The history of digital assets is made irreversible and transparent by using cryptographic hashing.


With blockchain-enabled cryptographically locked digital contracts, on Armacoin, advertisers and agencies can come to an agreement with an implanted action contingency. This ensures that the advertiser has confidence in the system and that he yields profit out of it. Adherence to advertising standards is validated and ensured through a transparent ecosystem.


No Intermediaries


The role of middlemen and the costs that entail are eliminated by giving full disclosure of the media supply chain. It identifies any inconsistencies in data and transactions. Advertising agencies can verify the credibility of advertisers and vice versa. The trusted ledger is updated and shared with every party involved. This extensively reduces the intervention of middlemen for validation.


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