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New book reveals the joys and struggles of 18 Asian women entrepreneurs who traveled many different paths to create their best lives

USA, February 23, 2021 Sometimes the first leap into entrepreneurship is the beginning of a journey to a destination you don’t even know exists. That’s how it happened for Denise Michelle, who thought she was living her dream when she opened a yoga studio in L.A. “I had no business plan. I just started and I did what made sense to me,” Denise remembers. And what made sense was to do everything herself. “I was the head teacher, bookkeeper, marketer, accountant, doing all the day-to-day operations, and it was exhausting,” she says. “I actually started to resent it because my hobby was yoga, my job was yoga, and I didn’t have anything else. I wanted more and I didn’t feel like I could have more. I couldn’t see beyond, ‘Well, I’m in my dream, shouldn’t I be loving it?’”

That questioning led her away from the studio and into surfing, and when she suffered a serious injury, she found her way to new types of healing. She’d been certified as a massage therapist, but then she got certified in reiki and began to study EFT. “I went deeper into the healing arts, like sound healing, and then I started going into spirit—3D, 4D, 5D,” she says, “and meditation became a big access point for all of this.” The path from yoga to bodywork to healing work then led to coaching. “I had started coaching people on the table, helping them break through and have transformations,” Denise explains. “Everything just started coming together into transformational life coaching.”
But she still wasn’t finished evolving her practice. She now sees herself as “a coach’s coach,” working with healers, influencers, and people who have missions to help others. The tool she uses is Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT, something she’d never heard of in her yoga days or even her early days as a coach. “Originally I was taught how to deal with paradigms and you just kind of peel away the onion, layer by layer,” she says. “But these people don’t have time to be doing that! We need to bulldoze through.” RTT fits the bill because it goes straight to the root cause of things. “We get down to how this particular memory or experience created your belief. And we change that. We shift it, whatever it is—whether it’s food, anxiety, depression, infertility, or trauma.”

Denise herself knows about trauma from her years of failing to understand her borderline personality disorder or address her suicidal intentions. She shares her full story, including how she finally recognized her mental illness and went through treatment, in the inspiring new book Asian Women Who Boss Up, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” This collection of interviews with highly successful Asian women reveals how they have overcome obstacles and stereotypes, pushed past self-imposed limits, and defied expectations imposed on them by others, often their parents. This book is a master class of entrepreneurial advice and personal development guidance for any woman in search of role models who show that, yes, you can live the life of your dreams.

Find more about Denise and her work at On Instagram, she is @denisemichellexoxo and on Facebook, Denise Michelle Love. “Remember that we’re all in this together,” she says. “That is my belief. Together, we rise.”

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