How bestselling author MiShawn Williams lost a job and gained a life she loves


An interest in wine became a weekend side hustle and then a full-time career with rewards beyond just financial

With a background in advertising and commercial production, MiShawn Williams was used to being in the center of creative endeavors, socializing with other creatives, getting to know clients in social situations—and as she attended many professional events, she began to develop an interest in wine. That interest led to taking classes and eventually joining a wine business and offering in-home (or online) tastings for a wide variety of clients. Though this began as a side hustle, when MiShawn lost her job during the 2008 downturn she started to think seriously about making it her full-time gig.

Not only has this decision literally paid off (she earned an incentive trip to France), it has also prompted MiShawn’s personal growth in ways she didn’t expect, from leadership to marketing to business development. “One of the earliest things I discovered in my business, as someone stepping into leadership or mentorship, is that people learn and thrive in different ways,” she says. “Not everyone is going to step into something the way that you are or the way you think it should be done. I wanted to start my own business and do my own decision-making and that’s what other people want. That’s how people are going to step into their own leadership and power—by expressing it in their own specific way.”

For other women who have been let go from a job—or who simply want to start calling their own shots—MiShawn suggests paying attention to what you love. And if “love” is too dramatic for you, she says, just pay attention to what you like! “Then expose yourself to more opportunities to have that ‘like’ around you.” Look online, find a group, do some research, and then figure out how that like (or love) might become a career. You can even start with figuring out how it could be a contribution to your community.

Once you do that, set some goals and share them. “There is magic in goals,” says MiShawn. “Whether you’re hitting them or not, goals give you the direction to go in. They give you your map. They help you fulfill what’s important to you.”

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