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La Shish Kabob has over 1,000 positive reviews from the consumers in the past year.

Izzat Freitekh and La Shish Kabob of Charlotte

In 2007, before La Shish Kabob opened their door by Jerusalem born chef, Izzat Freitekh, the North Sharon Amity area was abandoned. Mr. Freitekh had his own chain of restaurants in Jerusalem, where he was the first to introduce food and grocery delivery services to Jerusalem and all surrounding areas. He was also the first to open his doors 24 hours a day.

Izzat Freitekh and La Shish Kabob of Charlotte

When Mr. Freitekh moved to Charlotte, NC in 2007, he picked the North Sharon Amity area for his new restaurant location. The area was empty and La Shish Kabob was the only open store in the shopping center. After years of amazing food and great customer service, La Shish kabob and Izzat were able to bring the area back to life and create opportunities in the area, as well as fill it with stores. Sometimes, you can’t even find a place to park.

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