How to choose the perfect Double Duvet Cover (COPRIPIUMINO MATRIMONIALE)


The bedroom is one of the most delicate areas of the house, especially when it comes to furniture. To make it welcoming and relaxing it is important to choose the right combination of materials and colors.

By purchasing a double duvet cover you can revolutionize the look of the room, giving elegance and style to the whole environment.

Very useful for covering sheets that you just don’t like, or for changing the image of the room more often than usual, the perfect double duvet cover becomes an absolutely essential accessory.


It keeps you warm, protects you from the annoyance of sudden cold, and at the same time adds an extra touch to the decor. Two advantages in one product, which you can buy in different designs and change often.

Features copripiumino matrimoniale.

To ensure the best possible comfort, the double duvet cover is slightly wider than the surface of the bed. In this way, the flaps fall gently on the sides forming an even more elegant effect.

Materials and colors can be chosen from several alternatives. The duvet covers in cotton remain among the most chosen of all, soft to the touch and gentle on the skin.

The contact with the cotton does not electrify the hair, making sure that even the pillowcases are comfortable and pleasant to use.

Even the double duvet covers in microfiber are often chosen by those who furnish the room for the first time. A fun and colorful alternative to classic plain duvets.

You can choose from dozens of different colors and patterns, letting yourself be carried away by the sensations of the moment and your personal tastes.

The bedroom is the place where you can be more daring, adding the elements that make you feel at ease.

Upon entering, you must have the impression of being in your safe place, where all the daily anxieties and tensions cancel each other out in favor of relaxation.

The perfect copripiumino matrimoniale can help you achieve this, removing tensions and bringing the comfort of a pleasant and continuous rest into the room.

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