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Citywide Cleaning have put together some cleaning and safety tips to help keep people safe during the coronavirus.


Citywide Cleaning, a commercial and office cleaning company in London has used their experience to offer tips and advice on how to combat COVID-19 in the home. They include cleaning tips and safety tips to help people stay safe during the coronavirus crisis.

The number of people contacting the coronavirus in increasing daily, so it is important to do everything possible to stay safe including stay at home. Scientists have said that COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces including plastic, stainless steel and glass for up to 72 hours. So, it’s important to keep on top of the cleaning routine in the home. Cleaning down kitchen surfaces, door handles, and light switches should take place at least two times a day.

When cleaning surfaces it is important to use soap and water first and then to use disinfectant while wearing disposable gloves. It is advised to use either a diluted bleach solution or an alcohol-based solution that contains at least 70% alcohol.

It is important to keep up with exercise so going for a daily walk is advisable. However, on returning to the property it is important to give the footwear a good clean and to remove any germs that could have been caught during the walk. Citywide Cleaning have also said when re-entering the property all door handles and light switches on the ground level of the property should be cleaned.

Some people are finding it hard staying indoors during lockdown, struggling to find things to do to keep their mind active. The London Commercial and office cleaning company have put together a daily routine to keep people active while keeping the home safe and combating the COVID-19 virus.

Monday.  Bed linen should be washed and changed each week. It should be machine washed at 60°C to remove dust, allergens and other germs which may have accumulated. Also, give the mattress a good hoover.

Tuesday. Give the kitchen a clean. Clean all kitchen cupboards, surfaces, and equipment including the fridge, washing machine, and freezer. Make sure to vacuum around the back of the fridge, freezer, and washing machine.

Wednesday. Curtains and blinds. Keep curtains and blinds clean and dust free. Gently use a hoover to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

Thursday. Vacuum all the furniture including the sofa and chairs. If you have any cushions, then give them a wash.

Friday. Remove the dust from radiators, light fittings and doors. Go around and wipe down and remove dust that has accumulated over the past seven days.

By following these tips, it will help to keep the home safe as well as keeping the mind active and avoid the boredom that can occur during lockdown.

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