How to Create a QR Code: The Complete Guide


QR codes were bound to be this generation’s leading marketing campaign. However, they couldn’t rate to their full potential and ended up being a moderate information-sharing medium. But it doesn’t mean you should stop employing QR codes to boost your marketing campaigns.

In fact, there are many multi-national businesses employing QR code generator marketing to generate leads, increase customer engagement, and skyrocket the revenue. So, let’s get straight to the point and discuss what exactly is a QR code and if its worth using it for your products or services.

What is a QR Code?

Quick Response Code or QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode to connect the offline and online world. A barcode scanner is used to scan the code and access the information saved behind it. In fact, developers have started to add built-in QR code scanners in smartphones. Some key features of QR codes are as follows:

  • It is a combination of black-and-white squares printed in a certain pattern.
  • The squares around the edges refer it to be a QR code.
  • Each QR code has a different pattern i.e. decreasing the data redundancy
  • The information behind the QR code may or may not be changed afterward depending on the type of QR code.

Modern QR Code Generator with Logo

When talking about QR codes, we often think of them as a combination of black-and-white squares. In fact, the advent of the internet and latest technology have revolutionized how they work. A QR code generator with logo lets you customize the QR code by changing patterns, colors, shape, eyes, and by adding a logo/picture.

Customizing the QR codes help businesses create QR codes that complement their products and services. Adding a logo and changing the color scheme of QR code per the brand theme helps in greater customer engagement and improved revenue.

But are these the only benefits of visual QR codes? Well, we’ve just started. Keep following and learn more about various ways businesses can use QR codes.

Different Ways to Use QR Code in Your Business

Let’s take a look at different ways to use QR code in your business for the better good.

·        Marketing

All things aside, the main aim of modern QR codes is to provide marketers with modern means of marketing. QR codes can help marketers reach to the audience they can’t contact using traditional marketing campaigns. In fact, QR code marketing is by far the only marketing tactic where only interested users scan the code.

·        Payments

China is certainly the leading country investing in the use of QR codes to make payments. And now the world is also shifting towards QR code payments. Currently, people are making payments using QR codes for services like AliPay and WeChat.

QR code payment method is too normalized in china that a few years ago, Serenitie Wang of CNN claimed that we’re making adequate measures to ditch cash out of the market – making payments through QR codes and online mediums.  

Currently, QR codes have dominated the Southeast Asian countries and they’re now being used for making payments, create marketing campaigns, and share information they can’t present any other way.

·        Adding Value to Products & Services

As a business owner or marketers, did it ever occurred that you wanted to know more about a product? If so, your targeted audience feels the same way towards your products and services.

Thus, now is the right time to share success stories, product information, ingredients, price, recipes, and other important information using QR codes.

Other Significant Ways of Using QR Codes

Here are some other ways you can use QR codes to ease information sharing:

  • Business Cards: Certainly, a perfect way to share detailed portfolio and other important information using QR codes.
  • Wedding Cards: Add Google Maps location, venue, and visual invitation by printing QR codes of wedding cards. QR codes on wedding cards are trending these days.
  • Tombstone: A good way of honoring the dead. It is a great idea to print QR codes on the tombstones of your loved ones.

How to Marketize Your Business Using QR Codes?

To sum it all, there are two types of QR codes i.e. static and dynamic. Static QR code doesn’t let you change the information once it is saved behind the code. On the other hand, a dynamic QR code doesn’t only allow users to change the saved information but also provide additional features to keep track of the audience.

For example, when printing dynamic QR codes on your product packaging, webpage, or poster, you can keep track of the number of scans, device type, time/date of scan, and location of the scanner. This help business marketers to identify the winning products or services.

Moreover, if you want to target different people using a single QR code, multi-URL QR code is the way to go.

Multi URL QR Code

A multi URL QR code lets you redirect people to different webpages depending on their device type, location, date/time, and the number of scans. For example, you can use the same QR code to present two different deals for people from New York & Atlanta. Sounds good?

QR Code Create for Free

So, how to create a QR code for free? As discussed earlier, there are many QR code generators with logo available online – QRzebra is one of them. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a static or dynamic QR code for your business:

  • Got to QRzebra
  • Select the QR code type i.e. URL, WiFi, VCard, App Stores, Multi URL, Social Media, Text, Email, etc.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Select Static or Dynamic QR code. Note that you must sign up at QRzebra to create dynamic QR codes
  • Click “Generate QR Code” and wait for a second.
  • You’ll find four different options to choose QR code patterns, eyes, colors, and add a logo.
  • Customize the QR code per your brand theme.
  • Download the QR code in the appropriate format.

Final verdict

QR codes are growing quick worldwide and provide an ideal tool for offline to online marketing, they are must to have in your offline marketing strategies as they give a digital dimension to your products and promotional materials! Try QRzebra to make your own QR code.