How to follow a Healthy Lifestyle – The Basics


Are you puzzled by contradictory nutrition and lifestyle guidance out there? Congrats, you are not alone! For every professional recommending you a specific food which is beneficial in your diet, you will find another suggesting the opposite. And, the confusion goes on.

A healthy routine can help you to avert sickness and boost the quality of life. To make it clear, having a healthy diet is not at all about harsh limitations, thinking of unreal zero figures, or resisting the food you tempt for. But, it is a mark of the pair, physical & mental health, functioning well together in a person. 

Here are a few recommendations for a healthy lifestyle/daily routine, which includes simple steps that you can follow to bring a difference in your life.

Exercise Daily:

Exercise is any physical movement that boosts your physical fitness and overall wellness. It improves strength, prevents aging, relieves depression, develops your muscles & cardiovascular system, and much more. Exercises are categorized into three basic types: Aerobics, Anaerobic, and Flexibility. Notably, regular exercise is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself to deal with the hectic lifestyle of today.

Note – Always consider consulting your doctor or nutritionist to ensure a proper diet in your exercising routine.  

Don’t Smoke:

Duh, right? Well, “Healthy” here meant smoke nevermore. There is no healthy amount of smoking. And, there is no way around it; smoking can ruin your health, as it harms almost every organ of the body. Smoke weakens your immune system and kills your strength, which results in a lot of physical problems including, nicotine addiction, strokes, cancers, blood clots, vision issues, thickening of blood vessels and SIDS, etc.  

Remember, it is never too late to quit.

Avoid Alcohol:

If you dream of a healthy lifestyle, first avoid alcohol. Alcohol changes many functionalities in your brain like, emotions, and judgment. Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach and having high-fat speeds up the consequences like slurred speech, poor balance, upset gut, liver disease, cancer, heart muscle damage, FAS, etc.  

Tip – Parents should always discuss the hazardous consequences of alcohol to their children.

Limited medicines:

Always discuss your regular medicines or supplements with your doctor. While on medicines, avoid alcohol as it can cause severe problems further. Did you know, a combination of alcohol and tranquilizers/painkillers can become severely dangerous?

Addiction is described as, continuous use of any substance even though you are experiencing negative issues related to it. Taking painkillers without the prescription also falls under the category of addiction.   

Dealing with Stress:

Stress is normal in everyone’s life, but there is an art to overcome it. Sometimes it becomes a motivator, whereas sometimes it becomes a reason for depression. Learn to recognize the things causing stress in your life, as knowing the source can help you take control. Considerably, the more you take control of your life, the less damage stress can do to you.

A balanced diet is an essential factor in your good mood, healthy mind, and body. So, always try to eat food which is low in saturated or trans-fat. Limit your sugar and salt intake, eat more veggies, colorful fruits, and healthy nuts. Be kind to your body and mind.

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