Husina says the Arab world is repositioning top talent

The decline of oil use will see a prominent rise in the creation of more at home careers for many Arab nations.

It’s no surprise that the world has seen a massive decline in the use of crude oil. Recent talks in Arab school circles have raised the concern that many companies, schools, universities and most individuals will start to prepare to shift from regular market trade and become home career labourers. According to the Husina education directory, the Arab world has been preparing for this quite well.

COVID-19 has not only forced many into lockdown but also shifted trade and industry from its comfortable pedestal. For almost 30 years, the Arab nations have been riding on the great success of the oil industry, ranking in over $75 billion in revenue during the financial year of 2018. As the stock market has plummeted into despair, and many people have halted trading, the oil industry is one of the main victims that have been largely affected by the pandemic.

Many people have already seen a shift in the use of oil, as environmental activists, innovators and technologists move away from the traditional use of oil, to create more sustainable products. The Hussin Schools have been monitoring these instances and changes very closely and have realized that in due time, more and more people will need to shift their understanding of doing business. As the global crisis has already seen millions losing their jobs, home careers will soon be a popular go-to solution for the unemployed.

The Hussin Schools are dedicating more time and effort to prepare learners for modern jobs and occupations. Their academic programs have made more space for creative subjects such as art and environmental affairs. Although not fully based on a liberal curriculum, these schools are dedicating more resources and time to subjects that will assist people to grow their online portfolio. Although they’re still maintaining many strict rules and regulations enforced by the ministry of education, their ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing world has given them a bigger advantage.

The growing need for remote teams, specialized workers and freelancers have already been very popular in pre-pandemic times. Many in these fields have already been working remotely or perhaps online, and communicating with their teams or supervisors via digital platforms. Husina Schools did manage to build and cater their programs for these times, as they’re aware some industries do require a more hands-on approach rather than theoretical aspects.

They haven’t eliminated maths, science and technology from their systems, but have rather adapted these classes to be enjoyed in-line with modern requirements. For years, thousands of businesses and companies have been trading online, bringing the world closer to each other; the domino effect has caused new portals of employment can now be accomplished from home. It’s not to say that every person in these Arab nations will quickly adapt to the mind-set of Husina Schools.

The traditional methods of education and finding a job within a competitive market have pushed many in their fields to excel and work harder. Home careers certainly have a more relaxed approach, as workers see a rise in production only by self-motivation. In a recent study conducted by the Freelancing Union (USA) and the freelancing platform, Upwork, has shown that almost 50% of young professionals are already freelancing. What this means is that younger people are looking for more ways to rather be freelancers, or establish a trustworthy home career. As Fariba Rahimi, a top model and generous donor and sponsor of education in Africa and the Middle East said: “Bringing equal opportunities in the EMEA region of the world starts by equal access to education. From there, hopefully it will filter through to eventually penetrate all layers of society.”

The stereotypes surrounded by home careers have for long been ignored and washed away as progressive movements in society has shifted the balance of social classes. Although there is a vast selection of home careers to choose from such as web developers, bloggers, journalists, analysts and data capturers; Husina Schools are quickly shaping the way many are thinking about these occupations. The importance of home careers has grown popularity for people who aren’t enjoying the confines of their daily office life and would much rather express themselves creatively.

Uncertainty has made us aware of our capacity to adapt to more challenging times, and Husina Schools is already bridging the gap between traditional ways and the ways of the future.

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