Iln Unveils Major App Update To Boost Productivity

State-of-the-art design will bring streamlined experiences for mobile clients

New York, NY – Cerybrum Corp’s life management super-platform, ILN, is revamping its mobile app to increase productivity, efficiency, and ease of use. The renovation is a massive extension that streamlines the most commonly used tools while leaving the rest of the mobile app untouched to allow for a straightforward transition for our members.

The design change has two major benefits for the users of ILN. The first is consolidating the interfaces of the most popular components. This will encourage users to take full advantage of the multi-platform aspect of ILN. The second benefit is that even with the major overhaul of the interface, the older functionality will be easy to navigate to. Maintaining the older version of the app within the new content will ensure our existing members will experience a smooth transition while benefiting from the improved features of the new app.

ILN already experiences organic growth and is expecting the new mobile section of the platform to increase both the membership base as well as the engagement of its users. The member increase will be a great way for the ILN team to collect both qualitative and quantitative data on the mobile app which will help marketing efforts and drive interface changes without collecting any data on the user’s private information.

The Cerybrum Team is consistently updating the platform with new designs and interfaces to streamline the user’s experience. This mobile update is the largest architecture change to the ILN platform this year and will hopefully trigger an influx of new members along with engagement.

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