Impact of COVID-19 on Vintage Watches

Covid-19 is not a Panic, it’s an Investment Opportunity. In What and How to Invest?

The whole world now lives on one topic – the coronavirus. More or less reasonably it has been the subject of many debates, agonizing, and actions. He contributed to the modification of human behavior and changed the picture of the economy in many regions of the world.

What does this mean for investment in stock market shares?

What does this mean for the watch industry?

How much will it feel the effects of the panic caused by the disease and what can we expect in the coming months?

What to Invest in During Coronavirus Times?

There are several options to consider: stock market shares, gold, commercial real estate, collector coins, works of art, and vintage watches. We suggest which ones in this matter are particularly worth considering.

Appropriate vintage watches are currently, in the era of coronavirus, a safer and more stable investment than buying currencies or shares while providing a profit much higher than ores or bonds.

Time to Invest in Vintage Watches

Rare watches are still gaining value and are the object of the desire of collectors around the world. In addition to measuring time, can they also enrich our wallets?

It is worth paying attention to one fact – a well-chosen vintage watch can bring considerable profits, regardless of the amount allocated for its purchase.

Prices of old Paul Newman Rolex Daytona watches are higher than new ones. You will now be lucky if you manage to get one for 70,000. USD.

Is This a Good Time to Invest in Used Luxury Watches?

Yes, because you can still underestimate the price of old watches, and currently released limited editions are constantly gaining value.

The prices of the most expensive watches are close to the prices of the most expensive classic cars. Vintage watches have always been a good investment, especially now that the stock markets are unstable, stock market shares are falling by several dozen % and companies are collapsing – this type of investment is unstable, while vintage watches – as an investment asset – delight.

Models of vintage watches tend to oversize increases in value because they enjoy a greater estimate among investors and collectors for various reasons.

Vintage Watches – Unusual Assets

“Vintage Watches are not typical investment products. They should be treated mainly as beautiful, historical objects “with soul”, and the profit from their resale as a bonus” – says Mr. Keith A. Gray owner of the Gray and Sons Jewelers from Miami, the company with 40 years’ experience, specializing in selling and buying luxury vintage watches.

You can resort to a comparison with the antique car market: we want to be the owners of the unique Jaguar or Ferrari, and we treat the increase in their value as a nice addition, without counting the meticulous average annual rate of return.

Mr. Keith A. Gray also points out that there is no classic investment index on the watch market. The investment watch market is more dispersed and less internally connected, it is also the so-called unregulated market.

This means that, unlike, for example, stock markets, it is not controlled and regulated by financial regulators such as the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, but is only subject to the law.

Therefore, the purchase and sale contracts are not unified on it and do not have to meet certain standards. All you need is the consent of the parties involved. To sum up: each transaction related to a watch as an asset must be considered individually.

Is it Possible to Invest in a Pre owned Vintage Watches at All, without Putting Out Several Dozen Dollars?

As explains by Mr. Keith A. Gray, it is possible because more niche brands can have an investment value if they were built around a clear and original idea. Generally, watches that stand out with something can count on an increase in value:

– complications used

– the circumstances of the edition

– person of the previous holder

Value in Uniqueness

“The highest prices now have two companies: Patek Philippe & Rolex. They are currently bought primarily by our customers,” says Ms. Agata Z Arakel, Brand Manager of the Gray & Sons Jewelers.

Vintage watch Patek Philippe and Rolex are the first-choice brands due to two factors:

– price

– popularity

High output prices make it possible to deposit a significant amount of money in just a few timepieces.

This is important because each choice must be thought out, and the number of unique watches that would have investment potential is limited.

As for the second factor, it is, of course, relative popularity, within a small group of collectors, which, however, ensures greater liquidity: on vintage Rolex watches or vintage Patek Philippe watches the buyer will always be found because they are known and fashionable. A larger number of potential buyers also creates the opportunity to raise the price – notes Agata Z Arakel.

What Vintage Watches Should We Buy?

Ms. Agata Z. Arakel, Brand Manager of the Gray and Sons Jewelers company:

The value of the watch is influenced by several factors, one of the keys is its brand, whether it comes from a reputable manufacture, most often Swiss, its mechanism, complications, whether it is made of precious metal, what is the decoration of the dial, etc.

Currently, the most popular is women’s vintage jewelry watches often decorated with diamonds. Men’s timepieces are also decorative, made of gold, and set with diamonds.

A few weeks ago, there was a customer in our showroom in Surfside, who due to the global COVID-19 situation, sold most of his investment funds, and bought several luxury vintage watches from us for $ 450,000. They were Rolex and Philippe Patek watches.

A watch from a manufactory with traditions is already in itself a good investment. If you’re thinking of a long-term investment, it’s worth looking around for a limited-edition watch. After years, models from such editions often reach very high prices, especially those from really short series.

The most expensive timepiece in the world is auctioned for over $ 11 million, at a starting price of 3 million, a steel watch by Patek Philippe with a chronograph and an eternal calendar – since 1941 it has only been produced in four copies. Here the highest prestige and extreme uniqueness met.

At Gray & Sons ( we offer used vintage watches from the most excellent manufactories.

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