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Vietnam – 27 August, 2021 – In light of the deteriorating Covid-19 situation in Vietnam and the short supply of oxygen to affected Covid-19 patients, Infratrader Vietnam has partnered with the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association and PHG Smart home and donated a generous amount to the “Oxygen ATM” project.

The Oxygen ATM project was setup to support and help the Covid-19 patients that are recuperating at home by supplying oxygen tanks to ease their breathing.

With the message “Giving oxygen – prolonging life”, ATM Oxy provides oxygen machines, oxygen tanks by providing those that couldn’t receive help in hospitals and aid in their early recovery from Covid-19 treatment. This reduces the burden of the hospital healthcare system and medical facilities.

Chairman of the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association Dang Hong Anh said: When the number of Covid-19 infections increases, ventilators and oxygen are needed more and more. It is necessary to prolong the life of patients. When cases are rampant, oxygen becomes scarce, so it is urgent to prepare oxygen during this period when the whole country is fighting the epidemic.

Infratrader Limited has also donated significantly to the Canadian Red Cross and CanadaHelps programs that have programs to help those in need, including food banks, mental health charities, homelessness, out of job workers and deserted students.

The head of CSR program at Infratrader, David Lisbon said: “Everyone in the world is facing an unprecedented crisis that is taking lives and wrecking homes. The ones that are fortunate enough should do all they can to help those that can’t.”

Infratrader urges all to contribute wherever possible and extend a helping hand during this time of crisis.

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