Innovative software development from Serokell


Serokell offers a full range of software development and IT infrastructure audit services.  

The Serokell organization specializes in creating and managing large-scale IT projects and working on complex software applications. Programmers from Serokell IT consulting company also develops open-source solutions and design new programming languages. The terms of cooperation are openness, friendliness, proficiency.


Over the years of its successful activity, Serokell has been mentioned among the best IT service providers, the top blockchain developers in Eastern Europe, and among the leading companies engaged in artificial intelligence development.


Serokell is widely using functional programming in the realization of business tasks.  A talented team of software development engineers works closely with universities around the world, continuously preparing new programmers and working as the Haskell evangelists.

Refute stereotypes


Some people say that  Haskell is a complex academic language that is difficult to adapt in production. The realities are different. Serokell digital company proves advanced IT solutions, using Haskell programming language every day in their work. And the customers have appreciated the benefits of this type of service. They trust Serokell and continue to cooperate on a long term basis:


  •         startups;
  •         large corporations;
  •         financial technology management companies;
  •         biotechnology and artificial intelligence firms;
  •         blockchain companies.


Serokell’s case studies have covered the development of new cryptocurrencies, the creation of new programming languages, and the improvement and development of financial platforms.

A forward-looking initiative


A new direction of Serokell’s activity was the launch of a series of lectures from the Serokell Academy, information from which will help bring your IT project to a fundamentally new level. Video material is presented in the format of questions and answers. The following has been discussed recently:


  •         Principles of personal information security
  •         Philosophy and mathematical calculations
  •         Digital product development and more.


The idea of ​​the Serokell Academy project is to help novice programmers, managers of existing projects and marketers expand their knowledge on a fairly wide scale: from the basics of cybersecurity to the principles of functional programming.


The team of IT enthusiasts does not stop there and plans to continue educational work, release new videos, and make more publications about FP, ML, data protection. The main information channel of the Serokell Academy is presented on YouTube.



Co-developed by Serokell Labs


Serokell Labs is a place where mathematical problems are solved, theories are tested, biotechnological experiments are carried out to introduce the best ideas in the field of e-commerce, financial systems, automation of production processes, mobile applications.


The Serokell Labs project was developed jointly with Serokell engineers and leading ITMO scientists.


Serokell Labs accomplishes the following tasks:



  •         Fundamental and applied research is carried out.
  •         New solutions are being developed in the field of programming language theory (PLT).
  •         Innovative discoveries are being made in the fields of mathematics and artificial intelligence.


The result of the collaboration at Serokell Labs has been stunning. Revolutionary techniques have been created that can be used to achieve real solutions.


Does your business need help? Serokell specialists are always ready to offer their services. You should contact us if you encounter:


  •         with the inability to effectively manage business processes;
  •         the frequent need to your software modification;
  •         with the third-party audit of your solution on the data safety and invulnerability to hacker attacks; etc.


Serokell is the FP company that provides the customers with effective IT solutions, helps in the creation of a unified picture of all the assets and potential weaknesses of the client’s IT system, including software audit and security of commercial and personal data.

Serokell company is located in Estonia and work worldwide. 


Tel: (+372) 699-1531


Twitter: @serokell

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