Interchangeable Flip-Flop -Switch The Look Without Buying Multiple Pairs – Optimal Postural Alignment of the Body

Interchangeable Flip-Flop on sale
Ciokki launches its latest flip-flop that combines the perfect mix of athletic comfort and protection

Malaga, Spain – Imagine being able to buy a pair of flip flops and change the design of those flip-flops that can match any outfit without having to buy a new pair. Imagine no more. A company based in Spain has come up with a million-dollar idea of interchangeable flip-flops.

Ciokki, who is the brainchild of the new interchangeable flip-flops has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make them widely available. However, these flip-flops are more than just a great way to save money by changing the designs, they also help to main correct distribution of weight in the feet, obtaining optimal postural alignment of the body and healthy support thanks to the natural foot anatomy and the adaptable foam material.

Each year more than 150 million Flip Flops are sold around the world. Since the 1950s they have become the must wear foot item for the summer. They are stylish, colorful, and easy to put on, but there is a dark side to wearing flip-flops. Up until now, manufacturers have not considered comfort and how they can damage feet, the back, and spine, and discs, joints, and ligaments. However, one company has come up with a good design, a design that will combat the tens of millions of people who suffer each year thanks to badly designed Flip Flops, and that company is Ciokki.

The flip flops designed by Ciokki will provide complete protection and avoid the damage that is caused when wearing them for long periods. Medical experts have predicted that these flip flops will reduce the number of people who are treated as a result of badly designed footwear.

The soles in EVA foam, a resistant, lightweight and waterproof material, are perfect to adapts it at any conditions, can be cleaned very easily, ensure a good grip and comfort without equal for your feet pleasure. The uppers in TPU, strength and flexible material, are very resistant to impacts and abrasion, is commonly used for many proposals like shoes, sandals and flip flops, that’s the best for your walking experience.

When asked to explain more about the new Flip-Flops, a spokesman for Ciokki explained: “Our flip-flops are a unisex product, we produce sizes from 35 to 46, so they are suitable for people of almost all ages, and especially even more useful for those suffering from back pain or postural problems. They are a young and trendy product, with 7 different colored soles and 6 different uppers it is possible to create 42 different flip-flop combinations that can be easily assembled.”

What makes this product unique compared to the others is its interchangeability, the new flip-flops can be purchased separately, soles and uppers that the customer can choose based on the color he prefers and customizes. Thanks to the Plug’n Walk, the original interchangeable system, it is possible to assemble the upper and the sole in three phases, creating many different combinations. Thanks to it you can create a new style in continuous evolution, every day different, every day yours. Buying a sole and several uppers (or vice versa) is like having more pairs of flip flops at a much lower price, customized as you wish, which takes up much less space in your closet or your luggage.

All the materials used can be recycled, and thanks to its interchangeability system it is possible to obtain more pairs by combining soles and uppers reducing the material that would be used to obtain the same number of pairs. This is what makes them an Eco-Friendly product. If you want to buy a new pair, or, for example, if the upper breaks (but with Ciokki it’s almost impossible! ), you don’t have to throw away the whole pair, just buy another upper and you will get your new Ciokki pair, minimizing pollution and saving money.

The Ciokki campaign is looking to raise 9997€ (Approx $11,032). Perks include a Super Early Bird for 15€ (Approx $16) which includes a Ciokki 1x Sole & 1x Upper, a Ciokki Bag and Plug ‘n Walk soles saving 50% off the MSRP and worldwide delivery.

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