Interview with Alexa Iacovelli of Encantadora Mexican Spirits


She made it happen. When Alexa Iacovelli decided to set out to create a product that she felt was missing from the industry’s offerings, nay-sayers spoke up. How could she come up with something so totally innovative? Everything, they thought, had been done. But steadfast in her desire to fill a void, she worked tirelessly to create agave-based spirits that were completely unique. Maybe they belonged in a category like Tequila or Mezcal but they were anything but mainstream. An enchantress in her own right, Alexa built her Encantadora brand on pillars of authenticity and innovation. She chose the siren logo to symbolize the Encantadora (Enchantress), the perfect personification of the temptation, seduction, and rebellion her products elicit. And so the company was established and the brand vision was formed; ultra-premium Mexican spirits created to satiate and appease the avant-garde consumer.


What is your story in the alcohol beverage industry? * 

  • I wish that I could tell you a story that had more to do with a long history in the business;  I don’t have a family history in the industry, but somehow I have it in my blood. I’m new to the industry; it’s only  been a few years now that I have been able to enjoy this journey on my quest to create a product range that was completely authentic, innovative, and of ultra-premium quality. I may be a newbie, but I am a perfectionist, and I’ve become a designer, engineer, jack of all trades, always open and very eager to learn and grow as a person and a company. 
  • What is a typical day like for you? 
  • Nothing about me is typical, and I mean that in an odd/eccentric way, not in an arrogant manner. My company has become my baby, and the greatest passion of my life by far, some days I can’t fall asleep dreminging up new ideas into the sunrise, and others I find myself dozing off by 10pm after a 15 hour trip back from Guadalajara.  One thing I will say, is that while those around me don’t understand and tell me not to work so hard, what they don’t understand is that it is not work at all. I hate to mention a overquoted quote, but…. “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. 15 hours a day of loving what I do is the best way to spend my time. My partners and collaborators are my best friends and family. There is no one I would rather pass my time with or build my future with. The long hours and odd schedule is an adventure to me, not a task. I am on, all day, every day, and it makes me feel alive. I know that this feeling is common in entrepreneurs, and i’ve been energized by it for the past two years, some say that it will vanish, and in case it does I make sure to cherish it every day,  but in reality I don’t think it can ever vanish, as naive as that may sound, because I don’t think I could ever consider myself fully grown, I am always looking for ways to improve, and learn, and grow, and I will do everything I can to avoid losing this adrenaline rush. 


  • What do you love most about the alcohol beverage industry? *
  • At the risk of sounding trite; it’s the way we have the pleasure of producing a product so often enjoyed in celebration; with people we love, with new friends, with family. 
  • What’s been your favorite or most memorable moment of your career so far? *
  • No question, the first time that the liquid hit my lips and I realized that it was finally ready. After all the time, passion, and hard work,  it was finally becoming a reality. 


What’s your favorite tip for someone in our industry? * 

People will try to shut you down time and time again; but know that you can make things happen; all of them, everything is possible.   I can’t tell you how many times people have told me a deadline could not be met or an idea was not feasible, and it has been a great joy of mine to prove them wrong.

What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? 

I was actually studying to be a dermatologist. Not many people know that I was going to medical school before I chose passion over predictability, and entered this amazing world of beverage alcohol. 

What do you enjoy most about being a member with Women of the Vine & Spirits? *

It’s a rarity to be able to launch a business with the support of such an incredible group of women at my side. It’s such a powerful feeling to know that within this community we can be pillars for one another, and look to each other for guidance, support, and expertise. 

What is your beverage of choice?

Mezcal on the rock with a slice of orange.

  • If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose and why?
  • Amelia Earhart. Aside from the obvious myriad accomplishments for which she is lauded, I admire her bravery; the way she knew how to believe in herself and the role she played as an advocate for women everywhere, breaking molds, breaking barriers and breaking records. She also aided in forming the Ninety-Nines– is an international organization that provides networking, mentoring, and flight scholarship opportunities to female pilots.