An investment website that focuses on methods to use your retirement savings for alternative investments has acquired the assets of a business that has been focused on the education of precious metals investing.

Retirement blogger Tim Schmidt is pleased to announce the acquisition of, a website that for many years has covered the popular trend of using your retirement savings to invest in precious metals. Schmidt’s website,, has covered this topic extensively since 2012 and is actively looking to acquire quality content and assets that can further his virtual library of free education online to anyone looking to execute a gold IRA or 401k rollover.

“Getting access to quality content that’s been published and has a lot of legs online is something that’s attractive to our company,” said Schmidt when reached for comment. He continued “We’re always looking to expand our reach through publishing content, whether it’s our own material or that of someone who has expertise on the subject,” he continued.

Precious metals are a hot topic with proposed legislature to significantly increase tax rates on retirement accounts. One way precious metals are used are as a vehicle that can hedge against currency. In the case of the “gold IRA,” precious metals such as gold are held by a custodian, yet under the same umbrella as retirement savings that are typically used to hold cash or invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

The all cash deal was executed on November 1 and it includes all assets and rights to all content.



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