Jerry Harris: CEO, real estate investor, motivational speaker and mentor Gains Huge Exposure

A man who believes what he knows must be known by all.

Memphis, TN – June 14, 2021 – Jerry Harris, CEO of, is a real estate investor operating from Memphis, TN. Along with being an expert in his line of work, he imparts his knowledge and guides budding entrepreneurs. Jerry Harris has worked as a real estate broker and contractor, among his several other jobs while on the way to be the most influential real estate investor in town. At times, he has even worked as a plumber. Over the past year, Harris has sealed 19 wholesale deals with clients and approximately 23 fixes and flips.

In Memphis, TN, Jerry Harris continues to be a popular name in the real estate industry. He is qualified and well versed in his field and knows the intricate details precisely. He assists with his extensive knowledge about property or real estate transactions about how to ensure that a property develops value. He also excels in accurately estimating ARV or the After Repair Value of a property. Furthermore, Jerry Harris is a general contractor, too, enabling him to pinpoint unerringly what needs to be fixed and flipped in a house to enhance its value.

Harris does not only accomplish laureates in the real estate entrepreneurial world with 35 successful projects to his credit but also believes in lifting others. He works as a motivational speaker, mentor and technical expert to help small business in tasting success as he did. In addition to this, Jerry Harris happens to be an accomplished land financial backer, the knowledge of which helps him securely and efficiently fix and flip houses. When not loaded with work, he enjoys flying – he is also a licensed pilot. He aims to let his wisdom be perpetuated throughout time so that more fresh talent can be recognized and put to productive use in the field of real estate.

In the words of the CEO himself, “Not everyone can do a fix n flip and claim to have made a good profit on it. It requires a special eye, industry knowledge, and professional skills to save some bucks on a project that might prove to be an investment dump otherwise.” Jerry Harris claims that the secret ingredient to achieving such unparalleled success is “a gift of seeing what others might miss and a set of skills that even you can learn.” He believes he has been able to accelerate his growth due to the dedication shown by his contemporaries with who he has worked closely with.

Harris strongly believes that anyone can reach the same heights he has, only if they choose to face the hurdles in their path, rather than turning the other way. He is not all about his line of work, though. He strives to maintain a balance between both his personal and professional lives and enjoys spending quality time with his family, along with his passion for flying. However, he believes that one needs a successful career that allows them ample time to spend with the people they love.

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