JHarmony Drops Flawless New EP For4


Known for lush, smoky vocals and musical storytelling abilities, Joseph Chibuzor Chima, otherwise known as JHarmony, debuts his newest tracks.


United States Release: October 16, 2021. For Immediate Release.

JHarmony’s For4 is already expected to make waves as it drops on October 22, 2021. Brought together by a team of incredible artists, this debuting EP features high-quality sound and production and a full lo-fi section to storytell and inspire.

Mixers and masters including Mabilous Touch on “Bad Man” and “Money”, Shu on “RitzyBeat”, and LordSky on “Tonight” brought the vintage, luxuriant sounds on the For4 EP to the forefront. The descriptive and both heartbreaking and emboldening lyrics were written by JHarmony and Nnamdi Lambert.

“My new album, For4, charts the life of a misfit who finally made it; found wealth and love,” described singer and creator JHarmony. “In the production of these tracks, we were in full control and able to create something stirring and energizing. I am grateful for the collaboration on this EP.”

Joseph “JHarmony” Chima is a singer, performer and entrepreneur. As a Nigerian-American Record Label Executive Producer and M&A Specialist from Imo State Nigeria, JHarmony has released a ranging discography with genres spanning from opera-influenced pop to afrobeat song cycles. His repertoire of talent brings together exquisite melodies on subjects that truly matter.

The songs in the For4 EP follow by order: “Bad Man”, “Money”, “Shu”, “Tonight” and brings to life the perspective of an outcast who builds relationships and uses his wit to hustle and overcome his challenges and unfortunate circumstances. JHarmony has mastered the rhythmic narration of stories that depict social mobility and ambition. The EP is sure to make listeners entertained, motivated, and enlightened by the messages within.

For a full interview discussing the release of the EP and JHarmony’s journey, visit Business Shark Magazine’s website here. Connect with JHarmony and learn more about For4 and his other works at the links below:


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