Katrina Walker Presents “Miss Dee’s Kitchen”


Miss Dee’s front doe is swanging open to everybody and everything is turnt up in her kitchen…come see, you won’t stop laughing!


“Miss Dee” is the First Lady of her Hood. She’s not rich, she’s in-between and she’s beautifully dressed in her beautiful lingerie and her twisted up wig, Pushing her 02 Oxygen tank around, smoking her cigarette at the same time and drinking a bottle of Michelob – while cleaning Chitterlings – she double dares anyone to say “Dee you gonna blow yo self up”. She’s funny and everybody is welcomed all day long as the music of Al Green is heard all the way to the front porch while the Pimp on foot (the most handsome actor from Tyler Perry’s Love thy Neighbor) and Singer who can’t afford a Cadillac as he strolls on in while the mailman is on his way to hang out in her kitchen pouring up a drank of that Hennessy while everybody is looking for their mail …Come see The Proud Side piece..Starring VH1 Mama Jones you won’t stop laughing in “Miss Dee’s Kitchen“. Now catch yo’ breath and get your tickets Now.  You don’t wanna miss this stage play!


Miss Dee’s Kitchen, a theatrical stage play by Ms. Katrina Walker will be debuting on April 3, 2020, 8pm at the Brinton Theater in Dallas, TX



  • Tony Grant (Tyler Perry’s Love thy Neighbor)
  • Palmer Williams (Tyler Perry’s Love thy Neighbor)
  • Mama Jones (Love and Hip Hop New York)
  • Adina Howard (Singer, Songwriter)
  • Roxanne Shante (Queen of Hip Hop)
  • Marc NELSON (Boyz to Men)
  • Snoop Robinson (She’s Not Our Sister and Black Diamond)



Brinton Theater

1309 Canton Street

Dallas, TX 75201

Box office: (214) 743-2400

Get your tickets now at Ticketmaster or visit mskatrinawalker.com

Katrina Walker is the executive producer and host of the YouTube show “Unbreakable Truths: The Katrina Walker Show.”

Katrina is an entrepreneur, motivator and philanthropist. She was once homeless. Today, she is a self-made millionaire. Through her show, she shares her life lessons helping people to find their passions and build their dreams.


Katrina Walker has taken adversity and transformed her life into a true American success story. She now continues on her mission to help others find their own positive transformations.

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