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Katy Perry Approached By French Artist Jean Motell

Katy Perry Approached By French Artist Jean Motell

Katy Perry is about to release his new album and a French underground artist claims that Katy would change her image and surprise fans by working with him. Jean Motell says: « You don’t need millions of followers to have an impact on culture and to influence artists. For example, VHS trend in musical video industry comes from niche activists like me, so I’m convinced my alternative references would bring something new and fresh to a major artist ».

Jean Motell  is an independent artist, born in Paris in 1979: he writes books, makes music & short experimental films, and developed a unique way to play with lo-fi & alternative standards, always with a hint of humor and a rock attitude. He also made a name in the 2000’s by sneaking in cocktails reception with kodak disposable camera in Paris and London.
Jean Motell lo-fi activist work is affiliated to pioneers like Yael Kanarek but his main influence come from the past: Piero Manzoni, Giacomo Leopardi, Erik Satie & even French polemist Jean-Edern Hallier. He’s also a composer and the founder of Scanner Magazine, a visual biannual magazine.

Jean confesses « I only met Katy Perry once, at a cocktail reception in Paris, but I want to work with her ». Last month Jean offered Katy a private tour of his newly opened art gallery, Hyperion avenue in Los Angeles but Katy Perry didn’t respond to his message.

Could Katy Perry really benefit from the musical arranger talents of the Frenchy? “Absolutely, why not a goth influence for a next single?” says Jean Motell with a smile, whose latest single Super Stoner has just been released. A source close to Katy Perry attests that the French artist would have offered to act as a creative consultant, for an advance of 1.3 million dollars, which obviously should not please Orlando Bloom.

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