Keeping it a bean!.. interview With LeekYoppa

LeekYoppa interview

Leek Yoppa was Born and raised in Philadelphia. He’s been rapping since the age of 8 years old. He has become a rising star and has had great success throughout his career.

Since launching his career he has gained fans from all corners of the world and now with new music, that fanbase is set to expand.

The artist puts down his success to all his hard work, so we decided to sit down with him and learn more about the man behind the music.


Question: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

LeekYoppa: I’d describe my music as false innocence. because you wouldn’t expect to hear what you do from me. I’m extremely transparent about my life. LeekYoppa and Malik are the same person. I didn’t just CREATE an image for music. My demeanor as an artist and a civilian was shaped and molded not made up. I mind my business as a civilian and artist so when people hear my music, they’re surprised by the content.


Question: If you were not a musician what would you have been?

LeekYoppa: I’m actually doing it now. I work in health care. I’ve always been intrigued with human anatomy and how the body works. I still got some schooling to go but the end goal is to finish as an RN.


Question: Are all of your songs about your real feelings and actual things that happened in your life or are some of them just made up?

LeekYoppa: 100%. If I said it, it can be validated. Even with my more “Violent “or aggressive records, everything I say is expressing what WILL/CAN happen or what ALREADY happened. I make music from two places, a vulnerable place and a play of experience.


Question: How do you react to pictures of yourself that you don’t find the most flattering?

LeekYoppa: Lol, I’m married so I thug it out. I’m no longer trynna catch nobody eye. So, I may look crazy in a video or picture, but my wife still thinks I’m fine so it’s all good!


Question: How do you write your songs?

LeekYoppa: I don’t necessarily have a set process because I write all the time. I write at work; I’ll pull over to write something down if I’m driving. When I hear a beat, I’m looking for natural reaction. I don’t want to force a head bob nor any lyrics it should all flow out naturally. I do have a problem with getting caught up in the science of it all. Sometimes I spend so much time trynna think of a clever metaphor or punchline and forget to actually express myself.


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