Khalil Rizq, Music changed my life


Many believe that they do not have time to pursue their hobbies, and many also believe that hobbies do not achieve dreams and are not useful, perhaps the story of DRA will change the way you think.


DRA, or as many know him by his real name Khalil Rizq, is a living example of an ambitious young man, who was able to achieve success behind success in his professional life, and at the same time he enjoyed practising his various hobbies, and even more, he was able to turn some of these hobbies into a professional profession.

Khalil Rizq, began his career at a very early age in the world of marketing, then moved to the world of programming, put forward many important software projects that formed a milestone in his career. During those periods, he enjoyed practising his various hobbies, including playing sports, especially martial arts, video games and music. Khalil was able to reconcile work and hobbies, and with the stability of his professional position gradually, he was able to turn some of the hobbies into jobs, like playing video games which he turned into a profession and began to practice professionally. Finally, he was able to devote himself to composing music professionally and released many successful albums that can be heard on radio stations and on streaming platforms.

Khalil is truly effective in his expert life however his life wasn’t that easy, but this wasn’t something to let him down or make him stop enjoying life, he said that creating music has consistently been his #1 method to release his pressure, music was the way he escaped to a new world of comfort where he could get himself together again. Today, Khalil is perhaps one of the best music composers in his genre, and this wasn’t to be true if he didn’t work hard and do what he loves.