Kick back, Relax, and Laugh with the Podcast The Big D Zone with Deshon Porter

The Big D Zone is the podcast you can escape to after a long day, bringing hilarious rants and conversations about sports, music, relationships, and politics.



Deshon Porter, an online radio show host and political candidate, has launched a new podcast through his company Big D Country LLC. The Big D Zone is your new comic relief, providing humorous monologues and interviews about being a widower living in the crazy post-pandemic world, as well as discussion on everyday topics such as music, relationships, and politics, and sports predictions. This podcast show is for anyone looking for a pick-me-up from their busy lives and is especially recommended for adults as language can get raunchy.

“My goal with this podcast is to make my fans and subscribers laugh. No matter what I am discussing, the hope is that listeners enjoy every moment,” says Porter, creator of the show. “After a long day at work, it is your time to enter the Big D Zone.”

The Big D Zone has a 5.0 Star Rating from nearly 100 customers on Apple Podcast reviews and reaches thousands daily. The most recent episode featured on The Big D Zone included a hilarious discussion of the age-old problem of gridlock in Congress and the issues with campaigning. Referring to his male fans as “Knights” and female fans as “Princesses,” Porter publishes podcasts in a way that makes you feel like you are right there in the room with him, laughing about the ironies of life. He also puts a focus on sports predictions, particularly with football and WWE Pay-Per-View. As his rating suggests, the content does not at all disappoint. Further, Porter spoke with Podcast Movement, the world’s largest community of podcasts, in August of 2021 to teach listeners about how to add comedy to their repertoire.


Deshon Porter continues the podcast in memory of his beloved late wife, whom he had started the show with, and who has inspired him to keep hope through comedy. He has been podcasting on and off since 2007 and has also been homeless on and off. Porter looks forward to recording shows while on the campaign trail as he runs for Missouri Senate in 2022, as well. As a self-proclaimed class clown, Porter knows how to make his listeners crack up. His podcast discusses all the facets.

Fans of the podcast can contact Deshon via his website intake form, which you can find here, to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show. To listen to the Big D Zone, you can find episodes available on Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartMedia Radio, and Anchor.

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