Kickstarter launches UnfraMe, ten glasses in one for those who wake up always different

Two frames and five different lenses to give everyone the freedom to be themselves: the crowdfunding campaign UnfraMe, the ‘ten styles in one’ glasses, is launched.

Style has one aim: to communicate to each person who they are and who they want to be. Every morning people choose which trousers to wear or how to wear their hair, people decide to shout to the world how they feel. So why settle for just one pair of glasses?

Be unique every day thanks to UnfraMe, one frame, infinite styles, as many as our facets.

UnfraMe is the new project that has arrived on Kickstarter with the aim of reaching a 15 thousand euro collection in 30 days to create a pair of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses that magnetically attach to the frame, transforming it into a product with no limits in terms of aesthetics, use and matching opportunities.

UnfraMe is not just another pair of glasses. Thanks to UnfraMe it will be possible, with a single frame, to have a rounded lens or a squarer one, but also to focus on creativity thanks to more original shapes such as cat’s eyes or a heart.

This is the philosophy behind the UnfraMe eyewear project: to be free to be yourself, without rules or limitations, to assert your identity on any occasion.

Wake up glamorous and go to sleep freak, start the day pop and end it funky. This is UnfraMe, one of the most innovative projects that has just landed on Kickstarter.

A disruptive idea that is not limited to the production of a pair of glasses, but to the evolution of the relationship between the consumer and fashion accessories.

The campaign is already on everyone’s lips in Europe, thanks also to a viral video presentation that has been making the rounds on social media in recent days, sparking interest and curiosity.

Give yourself the luxury of change every day, feel free to be who you are!


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