Kyle James The New Rising Star



Kyle James was born on July 29 in Lakeland, Florida. He played in many popular mainstream films recently including the Rogue TV series and the Amazon Prime series the Two Brothers.

James had been confirmed as the lead in a new Amazon Prime series and even begun Zoom meetings and Cast reads of the script, but when the show lost its option after the Film and Entertainment industry shut down and took a hard hit from the Coronavirus, James continued to find ways to create and stay productive as an artist, and amongst other things such as continuing to work from home on voice over jobs, he started to write screenplays. James is currently writing and developing a TV series of his own, which he intends to be pitched to all the major streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, AppleTV, and Disney+. The show is set to be a mystery thriller about a man uncovering the truth behind a family tragedy, and an unexplained family secret that is only now revealing itself, and how the two are ultimately tied together. James plans to star in the series and hopes to be able to begin principal shooting of the pilot come early 2021, keeping in mind potential delays from Covid-19 and following all necessary safety and health measures when the time comes. Otherwise, James has been working closely with a feature film production company and has been keeping busy with reading many feature scripts, in consideration for various roles in each.

One of James’ most recent roles in acting involves playing a man called Bill in a television series related to the stock market. In the Thursday Episode James plays in, the stock market goes into further decline, and this puts even more pressure on one of the stock-brokers Jesse. Bill (played by Kyle James) begins to question everything that Jesse does, Jesse is forced into balancing the company’s assets during the growing financial crisis.

There is an upcoming new series called the Two Brothers and James is starring as the lead. While the plot is still largely secret, there is lots of speculation about who the two brothers are, and what will happen between them in the series. There is also a big rumor that the Wayans Brothers are involved in the production of this project. The two siblings have a long record of famous television history, including the famous The Wayans Bros. television sitcom starring the two real-life brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans. The story takes place in Harlem where the two brothers live, and there are many hilarious episodes that make for great comedy gold.

James has done an incredible job as an actor and is especially known for projects like the Rogue TV series and the Amazon Prime series the Two Brothers. He is currently aligning with Global Watch Films to be ready for many new Feature Film productions when the entertainment industry gets back to business as usual after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.